What is a free website builder?

Q. What is a free website builder? A. SiteRubix. It’s what a free website builder is. Easy,Instant & Free! Read how to start your website today.


You would love to own a website, and you’ve always wondered how you can.What is a Free Website Builder

If only you knew how. Where to start & what it takes to get going?

Worse, you worry about the cost, the coding. and your idea of your very own website fades away into a haze of doubt.

But, you deserve to know better. So it’s time to discover a new way to build a free website right now.

So stop giving yourself a headache and learn in an instant how you can get one,  just like BBC America, Sony, Ford, The Rolling Stones, & Snoop dog and many more.

Because millions want their own website, but not all know how to get one. You want to know how to get one, don’t you?


By creating your idea on the free website builder.

Yes, It’s simple. It’s free & you can start today.

O.k, You may have wondered.

How do people own a website. How are they controlled and who is behind them?

It’s a common question for those who don’t know. To uncover the mystery & take a peep behind the veil.

But Did you know that you can create a website exactly the same as these mysterious webmasters.

And you too can run a website with the same technology as Beyonce, Larry King & The New York Times.

It’s Because they use the same WordPress sites that you could be using. And best of all the’re free.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost anything to set one up at SiteRubix. In fact, for just entering a name you can have your own domain & self hosted website in less than a minute.

And you’ll be pleased to hear you don’t need to be a technical whizz. Nor do you need to pay anyone to do any difficult coding or programming.

Just pick a WordPress theme & let SiteRubix do the rest.

So right now, the only thing hard or costly is your time to think things over. That’s it.

Sounds good,yes?

What is a Free Website Builder.


How To start getting creative with the Free SiteRubix Website Builder

But first thing folks, before you find out what a free website builder is, you will of course need a name or an idea to create one.

So, to make things easier, consider this.

Do you have a hobby or interest that you just want to get out your system & tell everyone who you really are?

Just make everyone know you’re not only the waitress down at the diner, but a knowledgeable soul who wants to tell the whole world something useful. When you’re screaming to get it out and let that spark of creativity reach kindred spirits. To speak to an audience that will listen to you.

Everyone of us has a passion inside of us, be it Music, the Great Outdoors, Basket Weaving, whatever floats yer boat. An interest or hobby you’d love to share and tell others.

And from this idea comes that flash of brilliant inspiration, where you can enthuse about what you love. This is your inspiring moment that gushes forth like a geezer.

It’s our true calling. it’s what makes us tick. That exciting moment when it feels like our heart’s beat for nothing else.

This could be THE starting point. The genesis of your website. A foundation. The ignition to set the wheels spinning.

Creating your own website is your outlet to do what inspires you. It’s what set’s you free from our mundane work-a-day lives.

The feeling of owning a website is incredible. It’s your own concept that takes form and grows with you. It’s your identity.

You can tell all your friends and family. Share the link to your social media accounts and let everyone know. Hey I’m live, check out my website. My own domain name. Yay!

Writing & sharing about your passion is something you can do besides your job. Also, you could actually earn good money with your new website if you get the right training.

That’s why SiteRubix can take you into the best training available online into a community of over 250,000 like minded individuals.

And they’re here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help & support while you tinker, learn and play with your new Siterubix website.

SiteRubix is here to take away the doubts of thinking a website is only for those who know what they’re doing. You too can have one and learn how to build it up from ground to dizzying skyscraper.

Imagine now in the summer months of 2015, how it will look come this Christmas & beyond into the new year.

Why, stunning of course.

What is a free Website Builder


What is a free website builder? Answer: SiteRubix



SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. An online University that teaches you how to create & write compelling content for your new website.

You don’t need to buy a domain name or register one, & you don’t need to find hosting which will cost you elsewhere. It’s all here for you in one nice package.


SiteRubix is a free website builder. It’s your gateway to free WordPress websites.  Everything is here for the beginner to take their very first baby steps and learn how to create one.


Your Website will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s servers. Which is safe and secure with 24/7 website monitoring & offers support for your site.


Right now. Within an instant, you can be choosing your own WordPress website. It only takes less than a minute to create your own on the free SiteRubix website builder


Once you have chosen a name for your website, simply enter it into the SiteRubix box below and see if it is available. If it is, Congratulations! You are about to give birth to your first website.

After this, Simply fill in the account form and the website is yours (Unless you delete your account) to keep forever.


If you love the idea of your own website, this could be the start of something life-changing.

Create your free website now and take a look at the Free training Provided after you’ve set up your account at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

It’s an incredible place to be.

Read what members think of Siterubix here.

Warmest wishes, and the very best of success.


2 comments on “What is a free website builder?

  1. Hi there,

    Iv’e considered using Wix for a free website but apparently they advertise on it so i’m not really keen. Is there anything like this on the free websites mentioned in this article?

    I use Blogger but i think owning my own web address sounds better rather than blogspot.com.

    Should i carry on using Blogger or will it be better to get my own website, i mean google host blogger so i don’t have to think about registering a domain anyhows. what’s the difference here.

  2. Hello there D.

    Good questions.

    O.k about wix. Yes they do advertise, so the pages on your blog or website are going to be tainted with it.

    SiteRubix’s Websites do not. I’s a WordPress theme hosted on their servers that’s it, No advertising who they are,so your pages and post will be clean and add free.

    Blogger is good i will agree, because you can easily implement Adsense and add your G+ Profile badge on your pages & Posts.

    Also it’s self hosted so you don’t have to register your site name and pay hosting fees.

    This is the same at SiteRubix. For anyone not wanting to get go into this and just set up shop without any hassle it’s perfect.

    SiteRubix is a what a free website builder is, easy to start and at no cost for the budding webmaster.

    Hope this has answered your questions Dee, Anymore more concerns drop me another line.



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