Top Recommendation to becoming a Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a Online Affiliate Marketing University and was founded by Canadians Kyle & Carson. Their creation has made it possible for thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs to create a web based business from a Community-based learning experience. Founded in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has become the most trusted source for people looking to tread the path towards a successful online business.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEWTop Recommendation to become a Wealthy Affiliate.
Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: $0.00 for Starter Membership.
Owners: Kyle & Carson

Seeking Your Fortunes.

Let’s go back to the start,and assume we’re seriously looking to make money online. So we begin with the search engine.

If you were to type in “Make Money Online” into the Google search results you would see that there are presently over 523,000,000 results!

Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked

So where do you start? In 523 million results where do you find something that really gives you exactly what you went looking for? How do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Online searches often lead us into the arms of slick marketers with fancy hyped up sales pages who are looking to take our money rather than really showing us how to make the money.

Your boat is about to land safely to shore. Because if there’s one place that shines like a beacon amid a sea of scammers and fake guru’s, it’s the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Today you are invited to go skip beyond all the fruitless searches and join Thousands of others that will help you do exactly what you went looking for in the search engine.

Wealthy affiliate is here for anyone searching to make money online,and more importantly is here to help you. It’s online service has gained an excellent reputation among its 250.000 members and continues to grow from strength to strength.


Wealthy Affiliate offers training right across the board and would suit absolutely anyone interested in learning how to make an income online.This would suit any gender, young or old, newbie to fully fledged marketer. Anyone with an internet connection and the ability to follow instructions can learn how to make money. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

You may be at College looking to make some extra income. You could be out of work or a Retiree looking for something to do. This could supplement your earnings be it part time or full. you decide. whatever suits you.


Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked

At Wealthy Affiliate you start with you’re own website, Once you learn to create quality engaging content to your visitors,you can then earn revenue by leading your visitors to products. e.g Amazon,Clickbank,Commission Junction.

See how you can have a website in under 30 seconds

Best Reality Checks Review.How to build a website in under 30 seconds

  1. Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through the process in helping you chose an idea for your business
  2. It will make website building simple for you and will help you create one for your business idea.
  3. You will be taught how to attract visitors to your site with high Google rankings.
  4. Once you have Visitors, your website becomes a business. Now you can earn an income.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches success,and is here to give you step by step training that will walk you through the process of learning to understand how money is made online.You Have the chance learn and grow with new starters as well a chance to share a community with some highly successful online business owners and gain their expertise. It’s all in here for you in one place.


Everything you need to to build up a solid business is included in Wealthy Affiliate,because your success depends on it. Once becoming a member of wealthy affiliate you will not need to go anywhere else to take you to the next level. it’s all included.

Best Wealthy Affiliate Review

Certification Courses.

Once on the inside you will gain access to the best free training available nowhere else and you can get started immediately on the first lesson of 10 on the Getting Started Certification course.

  1. You will learn an understanding of how money is made online and how you can earn from it
  2. You will learn how to turn your interests, passions or hobbies. into a profitable niche
  3. You will be taught how to build up a website from scratch with no worrisome coding to learn.
  4. You will learn how to install plug ins to your WordPress website
  5. You will be shown how to set up your WordPress website for SEO. (search engine  optimization)
  6. You will learn how to understand keywords and how they will help your business get noticed.
  7. You will learn how to build out website posts and pages for all your content.
  8. You will learn,importantly how to create quality content that your visitors will love.

All this Training comes with a step by step approach that you can follow along at your own pace. Provided in each of your lessons are helpful videos you can refer to again and again to guide you along. You don’t need any skills to begin at W.A as all the training is made easy.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course gives you a total of 10 free lessons to get under your belt and there are a further 4 levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course if you decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership. That’s 50 lessons on this course alone.Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked.

Also included within Wealthy Affiliate are the tools you need to get your business rolling. This will give you the best start possible. Here are some of the things you can get your hands on if you decide to join.

  • 2 free websites & Hosting. You will not need to buy a Website or buy Hosting.
  • Keyword tool. This will show you what people are searching for and give you ideas to write for them.
  • Rapid writer content creator. Write your web content and check the keyword density.

Want to take a tour around Wealthy Affiliate? Click the video below and take yourself inside.

Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked


Best Wealthy Affiliate Review


Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.


Best Wealthy Affiliate Review

LIVE SUPPORT 24/7Best Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate offers 24hr support 7 Days a Week from the W.A Community and is available online round the clock. So you will never get stuck or feel like there’s no one to help you with any of your problems.

Here you can make friends and talk to someone all day long in the Live chat area. This is a great place to ask for help when you need it and to soak up the community.

You can also ask for help in the Questions area  as well talk to someone in the Live Chat as you find your way around the Wealthy Affiliate Community. You’re all in this together and you can make the most of it right here.



There are 2 membership levels at Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Starter Membership costs you £0.00 & you can jump right in with the free training.

2.Premium Membership: £47 per month or £359 per year.

Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked

The starter membership will lose it’s live chat support & questions after 7 days, but all other features are still available.

Join for free + welcome Bonus!

However, I would urge you to take a look at what the free starter membership can offer you. This would show you the inside of the Wealthy Affiliate university and how you can benefit from being a member. You do not need a credit card to get started at W.A.

If you like what you see on the inside of Wealth Affiliate you can take advantage of a nice introductory welcome bonus. If you decide to upgrade to Premium Membership within 7 days then the cost of monthly membership is reduced to $19 for the first month. This has an amazing wow factor of 59% off your first months training.

My Opinion: Reality Checked

Wealthy Affiliate University is quite rightly the best place on the internet to build an online business. It has gained a well earned trust and respect from it’s members that will show you how it’s done. For the price and the tuition I would hand on heart recommend this to anyone who is seriously seeking to make a profitable income. And it’s all backed up with the best learning experience bar none. This is a lot, lot less expensive than University fees and don’t forget that to get started at wealthy Affiliate it’s absolutely free.

You really can’t go wrong in taking a peek inside to see what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you in terms of giving you a leg up towards your own financial freedom. The up to date training and first class hosting service will ensure that you’re given leading tuition, and a safe haven for your website that could become a proud visible asset to you in a few days from now.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over 2 years now, and would not think of turning to anywhere else. The whole community spirit has no match to anything out there. There’s always someone on hand to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and you will get a personal warm welcome from the owners Kyle and Carson when you sign up. Oh & did I forget to mention it wont cost you a dime to start? Free starter membership here

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

If you have any niggling questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below and i’ll get right back to you.

Sincerely. Pete.

8 comments on “Top Recommendation

  1. Hi Pete, I am glad that I found a genuine way to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and have helps thousands to build their profitable website.

    • Hi Paul.
      Thanks for your visit to realitycheques.
      I am glad too that you have found a way to earn an a good income stream and yes, Wealthy Affiliate is no way a scam. For what little it costs to grab a website,with the Hosting included & then have all the Tools and training to get going it’s a bargain.

  2. Hi Pete, thanks for your detail review of Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a place for all to learn and start an online business. I am going there to learn more!

    • Thanks Ed, for the visit to RealityCheques and leaving your comment.
      There’s so much more Wealthy Affiliate can offer beyond what I mention in my review. It’s free for anyone to join and that is the best way for anyone to see for themselves how good it is.

  3. Hi, joining WA was the best decision I ever made. Having a one stop platform saves me so much time and money having to scout around for information. It is all at my finger tips. The fact that I can host as many websites as I want is also a bonus. The extensive training is amazing and easy to understand. I love the support off the business community which is available 24/7. I would thoroughly recommend WA to anyone serious about building an on-line business.

    I enjoyed reading your informative review

    • Thanks Melanie.
      I’m so glad your thoughts reflect and reinforce those who are members at the Wealthy Affiliate University. You’re right, everything is at our fingertips.

      Where else could we build websites with a click of a button and get the hosting 24/7 365 to go along with it.

      Where else can we host all of our websites on the most sophisticated hosting platform on the net,with no extra charge.

      We have access to a keyword and research tool,and the most current training we need to run our own business.

      It’s all here in one quality package.

      Thanks once again for your appreciation of Wealthy Affiliate and i’m sure you are on your way to realizing great success.

  4. Hi. Thanks for covering wealthy affiliate in your top recommendations. You are correct in stating they have earned respect.It is hard to find a bad review!

    • Hi Janelle,
      Thanks for your visit here and for the agreement that Wealthy Affiliate University has established itself on good,sound credibility.

      Absolutely anyone who is willing to put in the time using W.A’s training can succeed at making a go of their own business.and we can start for free!

      W.A Should not come under any fire from any undeserved criticism as far as i’m concerned as i truly believe it’s a quality training course for the price.

      Thanks, once again for chiming in to the conversation.


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