How to Make Money Online about Cats,Dogs, & Croaking Frogs.

How to make money online about cats? Well, you could look for inspiration in the recent success stories and viral phenomenon that’s swept the internet. The owners of some cash clawing creatures have made themselves a comfortable living from the antics or hilarious overdubs, propelling a video into viral status on the web. Millions of us have watched the Viral videos in amazement at how many shares they’ve amassed. But aren’t we all privately envious we’re not the ones reaping the attention, fame & money?

Then that inspirational moment wells up inside of you. How can I make money online about cats? Can I make a video of a talking dog? and then, Retire like, forever…

Bailet Boat Cat ScreenshotViral Videos aside, It’s not just Funny Cat videos that become an internet sensation, Look at the success story of Louise Kennedy, who turned a blog about her furiend into a book. Bailey boat cat- adventures of a feline afloat.

Bailey Boat Cat was quickly picked up by a major publisher and turned into a book which is now selling world wide.

Says Louise “I’d just finished my degree with the Open University and suddenly had the time to do what I truly love which is to write.”

Louise started her blog chronicling the seafaring times of her cat Bailey. The blog as featured from Bailey’s nautical adventures got noticed and she was approached by publisher Bloomsbury for a book deal.

So far, Bailey and the book have gained massive popularity & have been featured in loads of magazines and online articles.

Read Louise’s success story here at the-Writers Bureau

Or visit her blog about Bailey’s seabound adventures-BailetBoatCat

Grumpy cat owner banks $64 million!

Grumpy Cat Screenshot

But think how sensational animals can be. They sweep social media like a dose of Epsom Salts.

Posting funny cat videos may seem over saturated nowadays, but take a look at grumpy cat owner who made over $60 million from her seemingly cross kittie, with so far over 18,552,199  views on youtube to date.

In the span of 2 years, the cat had made $64 million from a range of products, including a film and several bestselling books.

The sullen grouchy cat by the name of Tardar Sauce has astoundingly created a vast fortune for it’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona.

‘I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since.”

The cat has since graced the front pages of The Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine.

Candid Canine or Clever Cash Cow?
Ultimate Dog Tease Screenshot

Amusing animal videos are a 10 a penny on the Internet. But even so that didn’t stop a video going stratospheric about a bemused talking dog. Clarke the Alsatian looks lovingly woeful to his master as he reels of an array of tasty treats that he sadly won’t get to gobble up.

Uploaded in May 2011, the short video is just a simple 2 minute-long tease with an over dubbed voice to make it seem like the German shepherd is in anticipation of receiving a snack from the meat fridge.

It was voiced over Andrew Grantham and it became one of the biggest YouTube hits of that year.

Grantham has home-based video editing and audio software, which he uses to produce other similar voice-over clips for his YouTube channel Talking Animals,

He has since followed up by producing a range of merchandise featuring Clarke and is donating the profits to the SPCA

Ultimate Dog Tease has had over 171,728,820 views to date!

So if you fancy picking up a side job that earns over $100,000 annually from ad revenue on Youtube, it would be wise to take a look at their channels. Maybe it will help you understand what the public enjoys watching and how to become a Youtube sensation.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Dogs tear of bumper Screenshot
Click image to See Full Video

So if it’s not blogging about your moggy or making a simple video with an amusing Alsatian, you could turn to teaching them a few tricks.

It’s not only viral videos and cute nautical seafaring kitties that can earn a you living.

Researching the dog training niche, it seems it is a profitable online market to conquer. There are over 140,000 searches for dog training per month. People are searching for Dog training tips to teach their crazy canine’s some good behavior. Like aggressive canines that need to stop frightening the mailman or chewing off a police patrol car’s fender!

The video image opposite shows a dog ripping away the fender from a Crown Vic Patrol Car after a judge released him from a shelter on “good behavior” and returned him back to his owners.

You might want to consider starting your own blog about training our waggly tailed friends, or post some tips on youtube, or even combine them both.

Here are some topics. Dog Walking, Dog Breeding, Dog Training, Dog Grooming. After setting up your own blog and writing content for your website, you could start your own Youtube channel and have it linked back to your articles.

O.k, croaking frogs,.. really?

Croaking frog Dog Toy
Croaking frog Dog Toy

Croaking frogs?!!??  Yep, you may scoff at his one, but there’s a market, for instance, Dog toys, Childrens toys etc. All marketable from Amazon’s affiliate program to include in your blogs. After teaching your readers about dog handling or sharing useful tips, you could recommend a product from Amazon to reward your dogs good behavior. There are millions of website owners who implement Amazon or other affiliate products onto their web pages.

Think of a children’s toy niche that could make a nice little commission from Amazon. You could build a niche site that reviews children’s toys after buying them for your own toddlers. And, It’s not just the world’s biggest marketplace you can earn from. There are many others in the children’s toy niche that offer a higher percentage of commissions. Most websites and blogs use some form of affiliate marketing and for many have become a full-time business.

So it seems that anything with animals may be a profitable venture, Even T.V advertisers have concluded they turn to animals when they look for ideas,  It sells  to” throw a cat in” to the advertisement.

If you fancy creating a blog about your Kitty then go for it. Think of these big hitters like Tardar Saurce, Clarke & Bailey for inspiration. All it may take is a clever video or to put the cat in the story and you too could be making a tidy sum. You may not “make a decent living” but it seems animals are one sure way to bank a few coins through Web advertisements & popular videos.







12 comments on “How to Make Money Online about Cats,Dogs, & Croaking Frogs.

  1. Great article & informative post. I find it really interesting you can turn your pet into an online sensation with one creative video. I have a dog that loves water! When I turn on the water hose she will chase the water wherever it goes! Its a really funny sight to see lol So thanks for sharing this article because it gave me a great idea for a website!

    • Thanks Yves for your comment.

      It’s amazing how something so candid and simple as the Grumpy cat turned into an internet sensation. It’s just a basic film of the cat “Tardar Sauce” getting attention and appearing to look grumpy. No stunts or visual effects and this earned the owner millions. It’s inspirational to say the very least.

      Who knows, catching your dog in the right moment might propel you to internet stardom.

      Thanks again Yves, Glad you are working on some ideas for your website.

      Very best,


  2. This is a good post about some history on how people made millions on there pets and we can do the same. The talking dog was a funny video to watch and it didn’t take a lot of work to do. It shows youtube can become a real job if your lucky enough to go viral or a vlogger.

    • Hi Joyce & thanks for visiting today.

      The videos especially Grumpy- Tardar Sauce, were so simple. Just a candid moment captured in time obviously amused millions and fame ensued to one lucky owner. It must have been quite a surprise. Amazing story how it’s possible to make money from Cats & Dogs.

      I’m sure it inspired many people to try and stage their own pet video.

      Very best,


  3. Wow this wins the prize for the most interesting post title of the day so far – caught my attention and dragged me in quicktime!
    It’s true that these cat videos on youtube etc rake in millions of views – people just can’t seem to get enough of them. Isn’t there some sort of adsense alternative you can make cash with on youtube videos?

    • Thanks Chris for visiting this post and leaving your comment.

      Glad it grabbed and inspired you to comment.

      The way it works is once you have a video that’s got so many views, Google offers you a partnership to display adds on your vids. Similar to AdSense in a way, you can earn a few cents to dollars on each click. So the vid itself needs to be highly popular for the video creator to make a good fortune.

      If a video gets a million views over the course of a year and you got as low as just 5 cents a click- that’s 50 grand. Not bad for a candid video that blows up & appeals to viral sharers on social media.

      Give it a go Chris, you may have some highly jocular animal footage that’s potentially your cash cow!

      Very best


  4. This is a one of a kind article! =) I once considered making money with my cat : he’s gorgeous and has his moments… I suspect him to believe he’s humain.

    But I think people who make money with cats/dogs (or croaking frogs lol) have a knack for capturing the best of their loved animal, which I don’t. I am always too late.

    I think no matter what you choose to earn money from (your animal, a book, movies, clothes), the key to success is passion, loving what you do and being honest.

    The things we love the most online are the things we can relate to. The people we come back to are the people we can actually feel like we know them.

    great post anyway! I might give it another shot with my cat, we never know!!! lol

    • Hi Steph, & thanks for coming here today and leaving your comments.

      You’ve absolutely nailed it by saying it’s all about the bond with the animal. We’re very emotionally attached to our pets and this relationship draws us into these funny, cute, adorable videos.

      My Partner spends hours watching and laughing aloud at the crazy antics on screen as she can relate because she has a cat of her own. I don’t, so the appeal is less with me. Each to your own.

      Good words Steph

      Warmest wishes


  5. What a great post, pets are a huge part of peoples lives. The funny things that pets do are viewed over and over on u-Tube. I enjoy watching them too, and can see where this could lead to a nice income. I think you will have a lot of traffic to your site when the word get out what you offer.
    Good Luck

    • Thanks Harry.

      I think the thing with cats and dogs is that they have so much lovable appeal to us. They make us emotional and I can see why they they go viral & market so well. We’re never short of a laugh on YouTube and this trend is not going to slow down any time soon. I dont have a cat or a dog, but if I did I’d be waiting to get something on film. Who knows, it might get me a nice little ad revenue.

      Thanks again

      All the very best


  6. Hi Pete,

    What an interesting article! How I wish My dog can talk. She hardly even barks. Not much of a dog there. All she does the entire day is sleep and wags her tail when it’s time for her walk. She’ll never make me rich, but she makes me a happy dog-owner so I credit her for that 🙂

    Oh…that talking dog really makes me laugh! What a candid owner too.

    • Hi Cathy.

      I think the whole appeal with the video was how clever it was done to make the dog seem like he was talking to it’s owner. At the same time it made us laugh and sympathise with Clarke the German Shepherd being teased with tasty treats from the meat drawer.

      When the talking dog was released on YouTube, people loved it because it connected emotionally into the hearts & minds of it’s viewers. Same with the Grumpy Cat video. All it is- a short almost silent clip of it being given some affection. Whilst it seemed the cat didn’t want any! That’s all the video was. It still amazes me how this made the owner a millionaire.

      So Cathy, It’s enough that you love your sleepy waggilly tailed dog. But who knows, Given the examples above, just the right mood captured on camera could make her the next sensation.

      Thanks for joining this comment thread today.

      All the very best.


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