How to Make Money Blogging about a?…

So you’re up late thinking how to make money blogging about a?..How to make money blogging about a?

It just happened again..

How to make money blogging about a..

You’ve drawn a blank. The brain freezes and you just want one flash inspiration or a moment of instant clarity.

How to make money blogging about a? For crying out loud what?

You are scouring your mind for ideas. Too many things to settle on.

You want to make money online, & me too, but blogging about what?

O.K, O.K.

This is going nowhere. You need ideas quick to pull yourself out of this misty haze and to see the clear horizon.

When you haven’t got the foggiest?

Here’s some.

Beachcombing for to make money blogging about a...

Traffic Cone Collector.

Elevator Geeks.

Yes, they really exist.

But seriously. If I could just take you away from the attempted brainstorm. Take a breather, and bring yourself back into focus.

let me try & make searching more inspiring for you.

See, I understand, you want to write a blog and why not? It’s a creative outlet for letting people know who you really are. And to make some steady money. But the problem you face is the same one as I when I started. Blog about exactly what?

I couldn’t think for the life of me until I settled in haste for a hotel blog.

And to be honest with you, hand on heart, it gave me no joy. Even now, it still feels like a chore.


Well, I work in one and bringing work home is not good. I hope you get the idea.

This is a truthful confession and I hope it serves to prevent you going down that route. After writing the 50th post, I’d had enough. I got no more than $10 dollars from AdSense earnings and not even $5 dollars with Amazon. My account has since been terminated.

Can’t say I’m not proud though, I really am, as it taught me how to build up my very first website and learn SEO.

So the valuable lesson is, if you’re going to spend your time writing and building up your blog, it has to be something worthwhile spending your time on.

One thing you don’t want to happen is run out of interest and turn your back on it after months and years of hard work.

If you have the commitment and drive to start your blog I have to advise that it’s something you love doing. And we all love doing something don’t we?

Me, it’s Classic Rock music and playing guitar. You?……. well that’s your story to tell.

I wish I’d followed my passion 2 years back. Things might be totally different now as I’ve seen people make blogging a real business and turn it into a full-time income.

But I tell you what. I’m glad I’ve been through this experience just so I can share this info. If anyone avoids what I did, I’ve just given valuable hindsight. Take it if you will.

G+ScreenshotLet me share with you, I get moreSmall plus Screenshot‘s

I get more plusses and reshares on my g+ account than I ever do on my hotel blog. It tells me that this is my niche, my audience to share and bond with.

It’s something I enjoy and my enthusiasm reflects this. I am the type of person that would enjoy listening to rock radio stations than classical dining room music.

So it stands to good reason that I should pursue writing about energetic rock music than dining room playlists, as I once did. And no one listened.

G+ Matt Locke Screenshot


Pete Williams G+Screenshot

As you can clearly see above, there is more engagement & sharing in something that I am passionate about. But the other website receives very little social shares.

It’s just not who I am.

So as a suggestion, think of an idea, a passion or hobby that you’re really into. like the one that fills you with electric and makes you feel totally alive.

Because this is your forte, where you can build a bond with like-minded people & kindred spirits.

If an idea really lights your fire, then go for it, It won’t feel like a job or a boring chore.

Without a doubt and through experience, I would advise strongly to find something you can pursue at length and put your belief in. Because getting a bang out of your website at first needs to last the long haul.

As I found out, what’s the point of trying to connect to an audience that you can’t engage with. And, if you know your audience, it’s going to be far easier to make money blogging about whatever comes from your own experience, enthusiasm and spirit.

Finding your niche should be easy and this will become your piece of the pie on the internet market.

Blogging about your hobbies & Passions can earn you money.

Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked

Let’s focus on Mountain Bikes for interests sake and get things rolling. We’ll get some ideas using the Alphabet soup technique.

This is a way to quickly uncover some search queries people are looking for in an area of interest.

mountain bike screenshot

So now I have an idea, It’s possible I could make a blog post about mountain bike shoes. I could review & recommend the best or the most affordable.

If I were to type into the google search bar ” Mountain Bike + a– you would see that it gives me more ideas to think about.

mountain bike a..Screenshot


Alright, again let’s try this again replacing the a with a b.

mountain bike b..Screenshot

O.k one more time with a c

mountain bike c...Screenshot

Now let’s switch things around Reverse letters at front. You could find ideas within seconds using the alphabet soup technique.

a mountain bike Screenshot

Excellent progress, now I can see people are searching for a good mountain bike for the beginner and it’s another blog post idea.

One more time with the search term Mountain Bikes and  c for good measure.

mountain bike c...Screenshot


Now we have ample ideas, let’s delve deeper and expand on the subject by again adding the a at the end of the search query “mountain bike chain”.

Mountain bike chain adjustment Screenshot

And another golden nugget has been discovered! A blog post idea to teach website visitors how to correctly adjust their chains or fix the alignment.

Now to summarise everything, I have already gathered a ton of ideas from an area of interest, reviewing my searches I could write on the subject of,

  • Why I love mountain Biking and the adrenaline rush it gives me.

I could write about the thrill of going fast downhill,  hopping over stones and branches in the danger of dense muddy forests.Turn your pursuits into profits.

  • What are the best affordable mountain bike shoe’s

Write a review showing the reader what are the best shoes available and why I recommend the product.

  • Where to find the mountain bike armour and why my reader’s should buy it.

Telling people why it’s best to invest in their safety by showing good reasons  for buying & using armour.

  • The best durable brake pads for the money.

Put to the test from research which is the best brake pad on the market and show them where to find it.

  • What is a good Mountain bike for the beginner?

Write for someone new to mountain biking and give them inspiration on how to make the best choice.

  • How to align a chain and make the right adjustments.

A good technical post by way of demonstrating how i could make these adjustments on my own mountain bike.

I could go on and on for what took me mere seconds to get some ideas using the alphabet soup technique with google instant search engine. Using what I have shown will surely have you harvesting months and years of ideas for blog posts. And the most amazing thing is that they are real questions people are asking. You are here to provide the answer on your ever growing website. Attract your audience by answering to problems and offer them a solution by way of an affiliate product or helpful review. This is how you make money from blogging about an interest.

So now I’m going to see if I can claim my domain name from GoDaddy using the ideas to start a mountain bike website.

And to my pleasure it is!

mountain bike for beginners Screenshot

But don’t worry if what you’re looking for has gone as there are thousands more waiting to be discovered. There are other extensions available such as .net .org. So claim one that is relevant to your hobby or interest.

Now can you see the potential here? In just a few minutes, I’ve found a domain name that is available and already several ideas for blog posts to write about. This is a great start. It’s the foundation to make money from blogging about a mountain bike.

So if there’s one piece of advice I would like to share with you. It’s to follow your calling and start a blog with what you can enthuse about. Because there are millions of others that share the same interests. They are looking for good advice and to be steered in the right direction.

Also, don’t overwhelm yourself setting up several websites, Focus on one that you really enjoy and find your audience to share your specialised knowledge. When people see you love what you are doing, they will follow.

If you like it, live it and love it.


Put the Alphabet Soup Technique into practice and come up with a swarm of ideas to keep you blogging for months and years to come. Once your website connects with the right audience and your readers see that you are passionate about the same things as them, you can sell in your blogging by giving away good advice. Recommend products or point them to a solution which may lead to a purchase and you earn a commission.


Find your Domain name.

Build your Website.

And get Writing content that fills your heart with radiant joy & share with those that love the same thing.

So now when you ask…

How to make money blogging about a ______?

I hope you have many ideas to fill in the blank.



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