How to learn about internet marketing.

Learning how to be an internet marketer needn’t be hard. You may imagine it’s for people who know exactly what they are doing, or for those that supposedly make millions from a laptop residing in Starbucks for just 2 hours a day.

How to Learn how to be an Internet Marketer

It can be a fuzzy picture, but an internet marketer is just someone who sells online. Mostly they don’t even have their own products to sell. They just know how to tactfully place a product in front of their core audience.

Whatever you think, there is every possibility you can learn & more surprisingly, you’ve got what it takes to be just like the rest of ’em. Anyone can learn how to be an internet marketer guided with the right training.

So for now, Quit thinking It’s only for clever, tactful people that sit smugly on a coffee shop couch who know something you don’t.

Because thinking about how you can be an internet marketer maybe closer to home than you realise.

Here’s why.

You can become an internet marketer by…

Choosing an interest

Turn your pursuits into profits.

Each and every one of us has something we have an interest in. Be it rooted in childhood or something you’ve grown into recently. It’s our forte, and what makes us enthuse to tell others why we like it so much. Choosing an interest, hobby or passion should be easy. We all have specialized knowledge in us that gives us joy.

If your passion lies in say, music, or you soak up the thrills of crime fictional books, you love to embrace the challenge of never gone cycling trips. Play Golf. Enjoy the tranquility of fly-fishing on a shady river bank. All these topics and pursuits have readers with common interests that you can appeal to.

This will be the core of your internet marketing business. Something that lights your fire and has you frothing at the mouth to tell someone similar. These like-minded people will visit your pages keen to listen. And often. Your Kindred spirits.

let’s say again, for example, you love science fiction films.

There are millions of others that share this same interest and are seeking information. People are looking to find reviews, learn about the cast and crew or to get more info on the author. Chances are, there is a product out there that appeals to your fellow sci-fi fans. Be it Books, Films, Posters, or rare Collectables. You could easily promote thousands of products to your readers.

Building a website

Building a website today has become a cinch. No longer do we have to pay someone hundreds of dollars or learn how to code a website. And to start up a website may cost less money than you think. To run a business on a website has no overheads like a brick and mortar shop. There’s no commuting costs, utility bills, rent, or other staff to pay. Once you have found hosting, registered your domain name and chose a website theme, the costs are comparatively low.

Best thing, everything can be done from the comfy confines of your house, be it the sofa, office, or bedroom, wherever you can work away from distraction. There are many website builders out there, but I recommend Site Rubix. It’s here for the starters & budding webmasters who want a helping hand. You really can have one readily available Website inside of 30 seconds!

Attracting visitors

Having readers land on your page is your main premise to gaining an audience and potential buyers. If you appeal to your readers who share the same interests, you can sell to them. They are always looking for thoughts and opinions about something or a product. And you are here to offer advice which may lead to a sale. By offering quality advice that people like and trust your readership is going to increase as your site grows.

how to Learn about Internet Marketing

We attract visitors to the site by having our website pages visible on the search engines. Without any human traffic to our sites, it would be like lecturing to an empty auditorium. There are many ways we can learn how to be seen. One is in the form of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) It makes our website content become more searchable.  And it’s all teachable for the aspiring internet marketer.

Earning revenue

Once you have a flow of visitors coming to your website you can promote products to your readers by joining free affiliate programmes. This will be how you monetize your site which will help you connect more to your growing audience.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of affiliate programmes that are related to your niche market. Some, for quick example are Clickbank-Amazon-Ebay-Share a Sale. You can sign up for free and if approved become partners earning you commissions.

You may want to help others find a solution to health problem that you were a long sufferer of, and have an experience with coping. By helping & telling your reader how you found a worthy answer to their problems, they will in turn seek your advice and buy on trust.

The concept is simple and it needn’t be any other way. People who are engaged in your website will turn into customers if they like what you have to say. Providing your readers with aspiring content and a gentle nudge in the direction can lead to sales and a profitable income.

You don’t have to give anyone the hard sell, Make phone calls or build complicated Websites. You too have the ability to learn how to be an online marketer whilst drinking coffee. Home office or Starbucks. Your choice.

Aspiring ideas into motion

O.K, but you lack the confidence or don’t know where to start? Who can you put your faith into to help you nurture your ideas and show you how to learn about online marketing?

There are many internet marketing scams out there as we trawl through the search engines looking to make extra money online. Some are credible but overall expensive. Often times people get led through the door to be sold an upsell to go to the next level. Very often this is out of reach for many people. They fall by the wayside feeling conned and frustrated.

How can you become an internet marketer without being scammed?

Q.Where can you go that’s inexpensive and trustworthy and give the training you need right now?

A. By joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Turn your Passion into a profitable business
Turn your Passion into a profitable business!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for internet marketers, especially suited for new start-ups that are looking to learn about internet marketing. It’s here for you to turn your hobbies, passions and interest into an online income. It has a free membership that opens it’s doors to everyone seeking ways to build up a profitable online business from the steps above.

Inside are a community of like-minded people who are online 24/7 to help and guide you to success. Helping you create your business with a questions forum & live chat area, you’re always in touch with somebody who can help. Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites & 10 free lessons for you to get your ideas rolling.

How to learn about Internet Marketing

How’s that for a good deal?

Sounds good, yes?


If you would love to take your ideas and turn them into a profitable online business, visit my Getting Started page or see the Top Recommendation for more info.

Wishing you the very best of success!




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  1. First off,

    Loved this site. This page in particular is very informative and can certainly help anyone looking to get started with making money online in the right direction. You stay on track and give them progressive directions, which is awesome.

    One side note, something i noticed is that the post is “uncategorized” at the top. I noticed that first hand, so im sure others will also.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hey Damian,

      Thanks for being here and offering a your kindly comments.

      Realitycheques is still much in it’s infancy, but I have a lot of posts coming up soon as my website unfolds over the weeks and coming months.

      Thanks for your eagle eye on the uncategorized, will make amends.

      Once again thanks for offering your insights and visiting today.

      Very best,


  2. Hi Pete, this is a nicely detailed explanation of how the whole process of niche marketing works.

    a lot of people getting into Internet Marketing approach it in a very naive manner, expecting to make large sums of money in a very short space of time.

    Of course the reality is, it take a lot of work and dedication but is very rewarding once you start to reap the benefits.

    I feel, if people follow the advice you have laid out here, they are way more likely to succeed, as you have written a complete guide that is very easy to follow.


    • Thanks Jay, for visiting & leaving your comments.

      Internet marketing is based on a business that is built up on solid foundations and not some push button software. This is how people get mislead down the wrong track seeking easy fortunes. I would advise anyone to steer clear of these self styled Guru’s that write slick sales pages & tempt ‘strapped for cash’ people into a false dream.

      When people are looking to make money online it’s often because they have very little in the first place. I think it’s wrong to sell people on a dream and take their money with further upsells.

      Anyone want to learn and start a business for free? Then head over to Wealthy Affiliate and see the difference.

      It’s here to show anyone interested in a rewarding career by learning Internet marketing.

      Very best


  3. Hello Pete, Great site, easy to read and good information. Reading this post made it sound very simple to get involved with internet marketing and it isn’t something only for clever people.

    Pleased to see you are recommending your readers try Wealthy Affiliate as they are truly a great place to get the best online education about building a successful online business. Best of all they can try them for free and build a website or two while learning how to make money.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Thanks Peter, for your visit today.

      The idea to start a business has become so readily available to us all in the form of internet marketing. It’s something that can be set up with little cost and it doesn’t require large amounts of money to invest in.

      Newbie to advanced, everyone can benefit from the treasure trove of training & resources at Wealthy Affiliate.

      To set up a free website and get 7 days training for is an absolute must for anyone seeking to get into internet marketing. & Wealthy Affiliate is the easily the best choice to make, since it opens the doors for the beginner to get a foothold into the biz.

      All the very best.


  4. First off, I just have to say, I LOVE the name of your website! “RealityCheques” is so clever, it’s great. 🙂 This article was very informative and in-depth. It will be very useful to those who are new to internet marketing. Also, you wrapped it all up with recommending Wealthy Affiliate, which is the best resource for internet marketing, so great job!

    • Hey Jillian!

      Thank you very much for leaving those gratifying comments today.

      I chose realitycheques to tether the idea of taking a “reality check” to making a cheque a reality. We use the word “cheque” here in the U.K.

      I hope everyone who is looking to find their way into Internet Marketing can benefit from the post. & look into Wealthy Affiliate for further info and training. After all it’s free!

      Thanks again Jillian,

      Warmest regards


  5. Hi Pete – great introduction to internet marketing.

    I know many people are just interested in making a living and earning money through the internet but it’s also a great way to combine hobbies and issues you feel passionate about, such as environmental causes and still sell products.

    As you mentioned the tools are out there such as wealthy affiliate and their website platform at siterubix to make it easy for everyone. So hopefully more people will get inspired to give it a go, thanks again.

    • Hi Marie and thanks for visiting my post today.

      I think sharing with people something you are actively involved in in the best way forward. People are searching the internet for like minded souls who have the same interests. It’s our way of speaking and influencing many others and not just a faceless money making scheme.

      It would be far easier to learn about internet marketing with something you love, as your spirit would be seen on your website. Much less about something a person has no knowledge in solely to make a mint.

      Everyone of us has something we love or want to pursue, by using the training at Wealth Affiliate and starting up a free website is only the beginning.

      Thanks Marie for your comments.

      All the very best


  6. Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    Very nicely explained and easy for a reader to understand.
    I will definitely come back to this site in the future.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

    • Thanks Kush for visiting and leaving your comment here on realitycheques.

      I’ve been absent for a while but hope to get back into posting more content soon.

      Very best,


  7. Hey Pete!

    I loved this post. I agree with you that when I speak to friends about internet marketing, they think it’s nearly impossible to do so; and that making money online is a myth. Well it is not, and thanks to affiliate marketing it is possible.

    I believe choosing a niche or interest is the most important part of the internet marketing process. When I first started, I created a site based on a niche I liked but wasn’t well informed on. Soon enough I grew bored and stopped working on my site. But then I created a new site with a new niche and I couldn’t be happier. The proper education helps too.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Diana & thanks for visiting realitycheques today!

      I think it is very hard for people to believe that they can earn a little extra in other ways than working a job. It’s a drudgery we’re locked into earning wages up to a point where we need to keep working over and over. Financial freedom is something that most of us including myself, feel it’s something we’ll never get. Leaving a job would leave us feeling threatened with a life of hardship and destitution.

      But when you look at the whole concept of affiliate/internet marketing it seems a simple one, anyone can have a shot at. It’s just a matter of positioning ourselves between a seller and a buyer. It costs almost next to nothing to set up a free website & not much for domain registry and hosting. Online marketing isn’t a myth and it is available to anyone who wants a go.

      I am in total agreement about choosing a niche you are absolutely passionate about, First reason is that you will have an authoritive perspective to teach, help and educate people. Second, If your interest in a particular niche is so much, this will never feel like a job or a chore. It’s something you can put your spirit into and connect with likeminded people across the globe.

      Also, an internet business has no holidays, it works for you 24 hours/7 days a week and the market place is not in your local area, but global. Now that’s a business!

      Glad you’re happy with your chosen niche & I wish you great success Diana.

      All the very best to you.


  8. Hi there my friend,

    Learning internet marketing, be it network marketing or affiliate marketing can be tough as there is a lot to learn. And I speak as someone who is a digital marketer using the affiliate marketing model.

    There are a lot of training programs out there on the minefield of the internet, some good, some bad, some aweful and out of date, other outstandingly brilliant.

    • Hi Derek

      Yep, it’s a mine fine and only those fortunate to navigate up the right path will learn properly. Once someone gets hooked into the hyped up sales messages it can cost them a lot of wasted time & money.

      If any one wants to know how to learn about Internet Marketing then go to Wealthy Affiliate, and see how it’s done.


  9. Hey Pete,
    Your site sure makes building a business online seem a lot less scary. I know getting scammed by someone is very easy to do. I plan on researching your offer and if it appears like a good thing to do I will be back to see you. Thanks for your time.

    • Thanks Gloria, for coming here to Reality Cheques and taking a look at Internet Marketing. It’s an option that can be considered for starting up a business with the attraction of low cost. Remember, there’s no overheads, no travelling, and you’ll be your own Boss. It’s a commerce that’s switched on 24 hours a day and it’s easy to get started without having to pay rent or legal fees. Even if you were to scrap the business, the cost would be minimal compared to a brick and mortar venture and with Internet Marketing, only your time would be the loss.

      Have a think, if you have weighed up your options and are inclined to try, why not head over to Wealthy Affiliate where you can get all the training tor run your own business. Provided will be a WordPress Website complete with secure Hosting and you can snag your own Domain for less cost than anywhere else.

      It’s free to start, and once you’re inside you can make the decision if you want to continue. If you don’t, you can shrug your shoulders and move on. It’s really is worth a try at the very least.

      Thanks again Gloria

      Very best,


  10. Would love to get into this but I have no real marketing skills from the physical world…if you catch my drift?
    I know of a few guys that partake in this and they’ve actually been able to give up their jobs and work full time online. How long did it take you to get to the level you are now and how did you find the learning curve?

  11. I thought to learn internet marketing would cost me hundreds or even thousands of dollars at college but it’s awesome to know that I can actually learn to become an experienced online marketer at home, and especially starting for free too.

    The steps here really do sound so simple to get started online with and they are pretty straight forward as well.

    Wealthy Affiliate certainly sounds like a good deal and I’ll visit your getting started page 🙂


    • Thanks Neil for heading over here at RealityCheques to learn how YOU can get into Internet Marketing.

      It’s not so hard when you can follow a step by step formula that’s proven by successful Internet Marketers, one that wont cost you $100’s or $1000’s to get rolling. If you want to join up with experienced Internet Marketers go ahead and find out how you can brush shoulders with a successful, positive online community. You can get all the help you seek over at Wealthy Affiliate and take advantage of the FREE lessons they give on sign up. Yep, that’s 10 Free lessons in total to help you start a website, & start building your internet marketing business.

      The very best with your business Neil,



  12. Well enough!

    You have provided an informative how-to for any beginning entrepreneur on online marketing. This can be of such a great help especially that there may have been a lot of people who are looking for sensible answers!

    The tips and steps that you have given everyone seem to be legit ones too! I can say that you are helping the public solve their problems on how to strat with online marketing.

    Thank you fro such generosity!

  13. I have been thinking a lot about starting and online business, but it seems that there is so much to learn. I’m afraid I will get overwhelmed with everything and then find myself giving up. How supportive is the community in this wealthy affiliate program? Are they helpful when it comes to newbies? Very interested in learning more.

    • Hi Ralph, thanks for coming here and leaving your comments. If you’ve given this some thought & are determined to be committed, then W.A is a safe place to learn and potentially earn. 

      Yes, I totally agree that you can get burned out with an overwhelming amount of training on offer. & for that reason, I would stick to the training on offer in a linear pattern and not deviate off course.

  14. Williams,

    Your article is so informative, at first, I thought internet marketing is for only the expert or those with some special marketing skills.

    Now I do know I too can do it. I have been looking for a way to start my own online business. It is good I found your article today.

    I’m surely going to give this a try as you said, sign up with your recommended program now and see how it works myself.

    Thank you so much for sharing this information with me.

    • Hi  There Stephen, Thanks for visiting

      Thanks for telling me you got some value out of this article, Internet marketing is not as scary as it seems. In fact it gets a lot easier when you implement a step by step process. Stick with Wealthy Affiliate & don’t shift your focus on to any other shiny objects. Here you have the road map for a successful business. I wish you the very best, Pete.

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