How to Build a Website without knowing Code

How to build a website without knowing code like a nerdy bespectacled computer geek.How to build a website without knowing code

You would love to start your own website.

But you feel that it’s not so easy.

In your mind, you have a picture of a talented computer programmer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

But you don’t.

Or maybe you conjure up an image of someone who would ask for a 1000 dollars just to get one up and running for you?

Well, that’s what I thought, until I realised, it needn’t be this way.


There is a place that can give you a free website and all the training you need to get your creative ideas flowing without having to know computer code.

Impossible you say?

But interested?……..


Making a new website may invoke images of complicated coding that’s done by brainy technicians, but you don’t need to be a computer geek anymore to understand how to build your very own website.

Nowadays you can use what is known as a CMS such as WordPress to launch your own blog.

That’s a Content Management System.

Don’t fret, it needn’t be nail biting.

This just simply means that it is a place to put all your text and images before you share to the world your website content.

And, if you love to use Facebook or hangout on Google Plus. then you’re already posting text, images & links, so you can learn to do this just the same here.

And that’s all a website needs to be for you. Information you want to share to people without having to become some programming zen.

You too can join millions of others without being a computer whizz or programming geek. It’s here for us and not just for the intelligent nerds.

You see, They’ve already done the work so you don’t have to.

Where to start building your website without knowing code like a nerdy computer tech?

Getting your own website and then having to learn how to create and manage one can make feel like you are about to be lost in the dark.

You would like to be taken by the hand and shown step by step how to build a website without having to know complicated computer code?

A good place to start with a free, yes, free website is over at SiteRubix where they offer free training and support while you create your new website.

It’s here for beginners, newbies, & tailor-made for the un-zenned of website coding.

You want to build your website like pieces of Lego, piece by piece and watch it take shape. To build up your ideas and not have to understand the mechanics.

We just want to crank up the ignition and set off without having to worry about what’s going on under the hood.

You can start up your engines within an instant and straight away there is welcoming support & free training waiting for you on your journey down the internet highway.

The SiteRubix free website builder allows you to get familiar with launching your own site and how to write content and add in images. This is an excellent way to learn the basics for the beginner & budding webmaster.

It will teach you how to properly set it up so you will be visible in the search engines

So imagine, within minutes from now you can have you own website.

The great thing about SiteRubix is that if you feel this is not for you, then you can shrug it off and move on.

See what SiteRubix users are saying here on my thread here.

But because you’le have access to free training I’m sure you’ll at least stick around and give it a try.

So why not learn the basics and take advantage of the free lessons on how to build up your website.

Here’s what SiteRubix can simplify for you.

No need to pay someone 1000’s Dollars for a website or design it.

Nowadays websites are easy to obtain and you don’t need to consult a web designer to create your own. Technology has allowed us to design and build our own without having to pod out a fist full of cash when we can do it ourselves.

No need to pay for hosting.

SiteRubix website builder is stored on state of the art website hosting and doesn’t cost a penny to have your site stored on their servers. while ever you have an account or do not delete it, the site is yours to keep for good.

No need to understand coding or be a geek.

You don’t need a degree in computer programming or clothe yourself with an anorak and wear geeky spectacles to start building up a website.The programming has been done for you to easily upload and share content.

No need to register a domain name.

When you choose a name for your website it carries the com address. Once you are pleased with the look of your ever growing web space you have the option to transfer it to your own Easily done inside the SiteRubix website builder.

No need to pay for training to get you started.

SiteRubix is not only here to launch your new website but to get you building and creating your ideas. There are free lessons right away for you to take advantage of to give you the best start.

It’s free.

By typing into the SiteRubix Box below you can see if your chosen name is available. Once that’s done you’le be choosing a theme and you’re off to a flying start.

That’s it. What more could you want just for being curious and taking a look to see what the Free SiteRubix website builder can do for you? Imagine what your own website can look like very soon.

Because you can build a website without knowing code.

All the very best to you.


29 comments on “How to Build a Website without knowing Code

  1. I have a few websites out there in the ether, and that’s simply because I don’t need code to build them. Absolutely no code whatsoever. It’s as easy as writing this comment in your box. Really glad there’s free website builders like Siterubix out there or I would never be able to get my words out there! Thanks for this.

    • Thanks Raymond for commenting to this post.
      The most attractive thing for anyone looking to build a website is the simplicity. Not having to know complicating HTML Code really takes the edge off. And for Siterubix to be a free platform for anyone wishing to start up a website is even better. Thanks for your testimonial about how Siterubix helped you to “get your words out there”

  2. Thanks for the great info. I thought you had to be a computer genius to build a website. After reading your article I think I could do it my self. Thanks for the clear, concise, and actionable steps. I had hoped to write a blog someday. After reading your info I am going to start building a website right away!

    • Thanks Eric for your comments today.

      Yes you can D.I.Y a website, and no you don’t have to be a genius & understand coding like a computer geek.

      Pleased you’ve had the inspiration to set up a Blog. Get started straight away!

      Very best


  3. I would actually love to start up my own website but I have no real idea where to start. A friend of mine introduced me to blogger and that seems pretty cool ( for free ) but how do they look to the public. This site rubix option seems like it ticks all the boxes – how much does it cost to use a month?

    • Hi Chris & thanks for your visit today.

      SiteRubix is completely free like blogger to start up. But better, It comes along with a beginners training course & Bootcamp training. Also there are 7 days of live support and one on one coaching. Free. If you are ready for success there is a premium package available for 47 per month. Training, tools, Support & hosting included.

      Blogger is very good for the standard ,ahem, blogger, but if you would like to be taken more seriously online, your own Website would be an advantage in the public view. You would have your own brand and authoritive domain.

      That said, If at first there is no commitment to your SiteRubix site(s) then you can shrug it off and keep the website and domain name forever.

      Warmest regards


  4. Hi Peter!
    I’ve tried to create a website. I used Google blogger and hubpages.
    But I’ve never been completely satisfied with the design of the pages. In addition it closed Google my blog page along with a youtube channel that I had with the blog. So my question is.
    Can I risk it being closed down?
    If I decide that I will own website can I buy it?
    How far can I choose what it should look like?

    • Hey Steen!

      Excellent questions.

      When using Blogger or Hubpages you are not in control of your own site. The templates are very limited and with blogger you’re under the ownership of google. (which is no bad thing). But ideally you want something that’s yours and carries your stamp of authority. It’s a more respected way building up your own business. And no one should be able to shut down your own website if it’s not illegal or spammy.

      SiteRubix offers state of the art hosting and your website is closely monitored for fraudulent activity and highly password protected. I’ve built up several sites using the SiteRubix platform and have never experienced any problems.

      Once inside the SiteRubix builder there are 1000’s of free WordPress themes to choose from. These CMS ( content management systems) are the best and most popular sites on the net, and many professional companies use them. They offer open source plug ins to style your site how you want and make it work for you. Hubpages & Blogger don’t.

      When starting out with your website you will be carrying the extension to your named site. e.i Steensawesomesite@SiteRubix.Dotcom. Once you have built up your site and are ready for your own dotcom, it is easily transferable in the SiteRubix website builder.

      SiteRubix has the beginner in mind and it gives the option for a new starter to learn how to build a website without all the seemingly complicated business of coding. finding hosting and registering a domain. If some one wants to take baby steps into website building- SiteRubix is the way forward.

      I Hope I have provided answers to your questions Steen, but if not just hit me with a reply.

      Very best


      • Thanks Pete!
        I just looked at it. I can see that follows more with. Here is good enough much extra training that I had not anticipated.
        I will return when I checked it out

  5. Hi I great post, I’m one of those “un-zenned” people you speak of.

    I have a local business in my town and am looking to drum up some more business.

    I was about to pay a local web designer to build a site for me as I don’t know the first thing about code or programming so just thought i’d take a look at the diy site builders.

    I’ve heard of a lot of the big names out there but this is the first time I’ve come across Siterubix.

    Can I just ask, is this platform suitable for helping me build a site for my existing local service business?

    • Hi Lee & thanks for the visit today.

      Paying a local Web designer may set you back quite a bit, and that’s o.k if you have the funds. But the siteruix option allows you to start your Pages on your own terms. I would rule out Wix as they have their own Ads displayed on site. Not something you’d want on a local business directory.

      I see no reason why the SiteRubix platform could not be of any benefit to you. It can give you a good headstart with 1000’s of wordpress themes and many free plug ins to generate business on your site.

      One thing Lee, later on, to make a greater impact you would need to change the siterubix domain extension and have your own dotcom for better visibility in the search engines.

      SiteRubix is a great starting point to set up a website initially, and from then on grow & scale a business.

      Thanks again Lee

      Very best


      • P.S
        Just a quick quote from Carson the owner of SiteRubix. ” What if you rebuilt a website for a company that has an “UGLY” site using a free SiteRubix website and then showcased this to them. This could be a very powerful way to get a local contract”

  6. Hi Pete, your post is real motivation for everyone who would like to have their own website but don’t know how to start. From my own experience I can confirm that Siterubix is great platform for builiding website because it is so easy to build it without knowing the code. Really anybody could do it.

    • Hi Tamara.

      Thanks for visiting my post today.

      Really glad you’ve had a good experience from the SiteRubix Builder. I used to wonder about the mystery of who is behind websites and how one is made. SiteRubix has exploded the myth and makes it possible for anyone to get creative. If I did have to learn to code, It wouldn’t be possible to talk to you now, I’d be stumped!

      SiteRubix helps the beginner quickly & easily set up a Website without any complications.

      Very best


  7. This is a great article and I wish I had known this a few years back.
    I paid huge amounts of money to professionals to build me 2 websites and I never knew it could be done so easily!
    I didn’t want to try it myself because I thought it would be complicated and I wouldn’t know how to do it. The funny thing is that I still had to learn how to load up new content myself… or pay them each time I needed something new.
    The fact is that if you have a website you need to learn how to manage it yourself anyway. So you may as well start from the beginning and do it yourself! No point in paying someone else to do these things for you.

    • Hi Lynne.

      I understand your reasons for paying professionals to build a website for you because you feared it would be a complicated affair. Me, I always wanted to know how websites worked and who was behind them? Know I know better. It’s great now we can take a peek behind the veil and realise anyone has the ability to create one. And that it doesn’t cost much either.

      Getting hold of a free WordPress website is great, and then we can simply add plug ins and that’s it. All the coding has been done for us while it’s so freely available to use.

      Thanks Lynne for visiting my post and joining in to this comment thread



  8. I agree. I didn’t know how to do nothing related to making a website. But I learned a lot from siterubix. It is very easy and you get even better than when you first start because you start learning even more and you start to familiarize with what certain things do, I would recommend it to anybody who decides on trying to build a website especially the beginners.

    • Thanks Brandon.

      SiteRubix is perfect for those that feel intimidated by complicated coding for a website. It needn’t be that way when it’s realized anyone can build a website the easy way.

      If anyone just wants to dip their toes in the water and test it out they can. And once you have your own site up you’re off to a flying start.

      Best for beginners to learn behind the scenes how a website is put out on the web, and revealing how you can do it too!

      Then having gained the know how, building websites will only get better & better with experience.

      Warmest regards


  9. Its so cool to be able to create a website nowadays without the need of finding a computer programmer. Anyone can create a website that allows them to get their information out to the world. However, I can’t wait until there’s a site similar to site rubix that allows more complex sites to be built with functions such as chatting options! Until then, site rubix is the best thing that has ever happened to internet entrepreneurs.

    Thanks for informing us of the great opportunities available to non-programmers! 🙂

    • Hi Keitra

      Thanks for visiting this post today.

      At one time in the early development stages it was the programmers and the code masters that paved the way for us. Now building websites that has fallen on the laps of the general public and it’s easily done for us now.

      We can start building a website as easy as opening a Facebook account. It’s well within our reach in terms of affordability and very accessible to all.

      Starting with a SiteRubix website gives the beginner a chance to learn and develop and add in options from the free plug ins on board. I’m sure there is a plug in for you that gives a website the ability to add a chat function. It’s up for grabs in the back end of your free WordPress site right now, so go for it.

      I agree totally Keitra, SiteRubix is the best for internet entrepreneurs as it will and can lead to better things.

      Here’s to your future and success, Many thanks,



  10. Very good insights Pete on how to build a website without knowing code. I have a couple of websites myself (one of which I update on a regular basis) and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to build them if it weren’t for WordPress. Website coding was never touched upon in the few programming classes I took in high school and university, so I’m pretty clueless when it comes to that. Fortunately, it’s never been easier for the average joe to get a good-looking site up and running. Thanks!

    • Thanks Paul for dropping a line here at RealityCheques.

      WordPress has made their ‘content management systems’ and given it to us as a free platform for the web builder.

      It’s unbelievable really when you think how much we could actually be charged for this service. Not to mention the free plug ins that help us build stunning websites.

      My partners cousin is a computer programmer, and it’s hats off to him for making this technology so readily available. I don’t know a single thing about code, but I can very easily build a website.

      So you and me both would probably be scratching or heads trying to figure out how it all works, but like our vehicles, we don’t have to know what’s under the hood to drive it.

      Cheers Paul,

      All the very best,


  11. Hi there buddy,

    I used to be scared of making my own web site and put it off for years (yes you read that right YEARS) as I was sure not knowing code or being able to do any programming that I would not be able to do that. I was sure it would be complicated, Thankfully it is not as difficult as I thought, in fact pretty easy with WordPress, few clicks and that is it!

    I have few affiliate sites now, and I still don’t know sh*t about coding or programming, which just shows really how easy it is!

    • Hey there Derek.

      Thanks for joining this discussion here at realitycheques.

      I tell you, since this post was written it has gotten even EASIER to set up a stunning website. Now you can get not one, but 2 FREE and that’s inclusive of hosting.

      So let me explain the process it would usually take to get a website & domain


      First off you would head off to say Godaddy or Namecheap and pay for your chosen name. Here’s where the upsells come when they try to get you to take on numerous offers you don’t nessacarilly need. Also they insist you take out protection for your privacy.


      Besides that you need to find hosting for your domain name. This can be done with the above companies above or another example is Hostgator.


      Now its time to choose a website theme so you can start building. Typically the best ones are the WordPress sites as these are recognised as the best.

      All in one.

      Now all the above can be done in one place, taking less than a few minutes of your time without any upsets with privacy and monitored security 24/7.

      Free Training.

      Plus, you get free training to guide you along to build up your website and set you on your way.

      Simply put, you don’t NEED TO KNOW CODE or anything complicated to build a website.

      Thanks again Derek for adding confirmation that you’ve done it and so can others here by your example.

      Nice one,

      Very best,


  12. Hello there,
    I’ve been using SiteRubix for about a month now and it’s just perfect. Literally, anyone can start their website with it and you don’t have to know any of the code. It doesn’t hurt if you do, but you’ll manage without it as well.
    One of the best options out there if you ask me, but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for the article.

    • Thanks Dejan For visiting RealityCheques.

      Glad to hear you’re using SiteRubix and finding the simplicity useful. Even better, now we can use their own Hosting system and Domain registry. That means we don’t have to go to Namecheap or GoDaddy etc.

      Everything to making a website is now super easy, especially using the one click WordPress Express, the hardest part is choosing a name. Forget the code, just concentrate on building a business!

  13. Thank You

    It was a pleasure to read your post today on building a website for someone who has no coding experience, there are many free websites online to choose from which can make it overwhelming for someone with no experience to know which one is the best.

    Checking out your links today


  14. Hello,

    This was a very friendly article to read with good information on how to build a website without knowing coding.

    Many people will benefit from the information you have shared in this article, many people would like their own website even for just a personal blog to share online with others

    • Thanks Jeff, yes, building a website is not as scary as some people think. I always wondered who was behind a site and how it gets operated. It’s easy to find out and jump in with just a few bucks spent on hosting and domain registration. Once done, one can be built with simplicity & gets you all set up ready to roll. 

      Thanks for coming over to reality cheques, all the very best,


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