Getting Started

Getting started by avoiding Internet scams

getting started bt avoiding scams

Getting started on the internet is not so easy, It’s a minefield out there in the search engines.

You ask the question, “How to make money online” and you are presented with all sorts scams and schemes.

You go from pillar to post seeking the holy grail of online success.

Does it Really exist?… I suspect not.

There are far too many scams out there confusing everyone. Making you feel as though it’s impossible to trust anyone who offers you a way to make extra cash.

But, what if I told you of a place that can give you a leg up to making yourself a success?

You wouldn’t believe me, and I understand, no really…

Because, both you and me have been through a few scams of our own. And this, in fact, is the reason why I started this website. To show you how I got past the fake Gurus and made it to the next level.

Now I’m genuinely reaching down to pull you out of the mire and into a safe haven.

But first,

Let me tell you earnestly,

Your inbox will not get spammed. You will not be offered products that do not work. You will not need your debit card to get started.

Paying online with credit card.

And I’ll also add, this is the most credible place to learn online where it’s owners will demonstrate more respect for all it’s members.

By joining this online university, you will be taught how to succeed at creating a business. By using the correct methods and be steered well clear of the unscrupulous traps we often fall into when we search How to make money online.

Meaning that you will get the best up to date training showing you how to make an online income the right way.

So folks,

You will never have to go over to the dark zone and pay some anonymous Guru ever again.

In fact,

There must be millions of people out there that have been lead astray and cast to the wayside by these so called Gurus that tell us that we can have it all by buying into their scams and schemes software. These faceless thieves only have pure profit in mind and not your interests at heart.

Most of these self-styled guru’s look at only’taking’ from the customer. Meaning, they are solely concerned with making the sale, ‘taking’ the customers money.

For interest’s sake,

Let’s take a look at the all too familiar ‘hypey’ sales message…A real guru special.

Firstly, Whoever’s behind the scam would hire a twenty-something blonde bombshell called Tiffany for the day and pretend she’s their girlfriend/wife.

Internet Guru Girlfriend

Then rent a Porsche, Bentley or Ferrari for a day.

Next find a large detached house that’s for sale (and empty) -try the posh end of town…. and have some pictures of himself standing in the driveway and in front of the house, maybe sitting in the seat of the hire car.

Now that they have their pictures, it’s onto the text.Headline first. It reads something like:

“At Last! The Worlds Greatest money-making  Plug-In Software That spews out cash like a broken ATM…  While YOU can lie on the beach all day drinking cocktails … So Simple To Use Even Your Granny Can Make bank From this software”

Then they write about how he (fake name here) were so broke that he had to beg, steal and borrow just to pay the bills.

Really lays the ‘broke’ bit on thick. Getting you pulled into his sob story and trying to connect with you emotionally.

Then tells how he took one last shot at changing his circumstances, broke into his daughter’s piggy bank in one final act of desperation, went to a seminar, had an epiphany about some SECRET way to make bank…Got home, stayed awake for three nights solid and created a business.

Now he is worth millions, and he wants to SHARE his SECRET with just you and a few others .So far, so good?

Bonus time.

Towards the end of the letter he needs to include 17(worthless)bonuses – to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal…. but will never be useful to you at all.

Smoke and mirrors

Adds in a lifetime guarantee (which of course they have no intention of honoring), sell it for $37.00 …Then add one of those annoying ‘splash pages’ that give you the ‘wait! option as you click off the page, offering their product for $27.00.

Meanwhile, the clock counter is counting down to make you feel like you must get in quick, using scarcity tactics to make you click credit card in hand.

And that is how they pull us into the scam with their classic sales letter.

And once you’re on the inside , it’s up sell after up sell til you’ve been well and truly fleeced. Reality check green tick

But what he doesn’t care about is how tons of angry customers have been fleeced and once again feel ripped off.

And we promised ourselves we will NEVER ever order anything from them again.

But of course, we went off searching for another way to seek a quick and easy fortune.

Seen this so many times?  green tick

Are you ready for a change?  green tick

Do you want to create your own Business without a credit card?  green tick

Do you want to be part of a like-minded community of entrepreneurs that will help, support and give you guidance?  green tick

Would you like to take a peek behind the curtain before making any commitments?  green tick

Here you can.


I started with The Wealthy Affiliate University 2 years ago. Why? Well, good question. After chasing countless schemes i found a beacon of hope that stood out from all the rest. like all Money making ops on the internet, I took careful steps not to fall into any traps, but my fears soon vanished after I received a warm welcome from the community inside.

And, I’m Still here approaching my 3rd year.


 The fact that no Debit or Credit Card was needed to set up an account. green tick

 The Owners of the site Kyle & Carson are active members and gave me a personal welcome and support. green tick

Online social community with help 24 hours 7 days a week. green tick

Got my 2 free Websites and Hosting on the Starter Membership. green tick

The Best Support, Tools & Training to get me started building a web based business.  green tick          

 What you will learn at the Wealthy Affiliate University

Step 1: How to build a Website.(related to your hobbies& interests)

Step 2:  How to Create helpful content

Step 3:  learn that quality, useful Content leads to rankings/traffic

Step 4: Earn money from the traffic.

By getting out of the “Get rich quick” way of thinking and understand that creative work will bear fruits of success from your labors,you can build up a profitable web-based business using the correct methods as per the above training at Wealthy Affiliate.

People who buy product after product from self-styled ‘gurus’ where they are lead to believe that you can earn money by not doing any work, and are not prepared to put in any work but expect money to simply ‘Roll’ into your bank account then Wealthy Affiliate, is NOT for you.

Forget about all the Push Button Software they claim will make you rich. Create your own money making site the honest way.

Here’s what you can enjoy from the Starter Membership, This will cost you absolutely nothing to get started.

This process and all the tools/websites/hosting you need is included within WA, even within the Starter program which is completely free. I invite you to head over to the WA website and set up a FREE account and get rolling from there. I know you are going to love it.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up for the free starter membership but have every chance to gain.

See my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here with included Bonus!

Please ask me any questions or leave me a comment below,  I would love to help you get your business rolling.


5 comments on “Getting Started

  1. Really great and honest information i found here on your page ….i am glad i stopped to read it ….i will try the wealthy affiliate for sure since it’s free it seems to be very legit
    thank you for all the good info

    • Corina,Thanks your visit.
      You can’t go wrong with what Wealthy Affiliate is offering people with regards to the free training and tools to get themselves a start at making their own business.
      So many people from college grads to retirees are seeking a way to make some money,especially when school fees cost so much and pensions don’t pay a lot.
      Here’s hoping you find your success with Wealthy Affiliate.
      Kind regards,

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is where I started too. I joined in July 2013 and it is easily the best online decision I ever made. With the training tools and support I have built my own website. And most important it now provides me with a full time online income.

    More importantly they have also given me lifestyle freedom. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to make money online.

    • Thanks Pauric for your visit to realitycheques.
      It’s good to read a success story such as your own and this helps further establish Wealthy Affiliate as the place people should go to build websites and create a business with the Hosting,Training,Tools & Support all in one place.

  3. Hi Pete! It’s a great article and at the right moment! It gives a thorough insight in the online money making system! Wealthy affiliate seems to be a legitimate community! Thanks for the informative post! 😀
    Eager to read the next ones!

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