How to Make Money Blogging about a?…

So you’re up late thinking how to make money blogging about a?..How to make money blogging about a?

It just happened again..

How to make money blogging about a..

You’ve drawn a blank. The brain freezes and you just want one flash inspiration or a moment of instant clarity.

How to make money blogging about a? For crying out loud what?

You are scouring your mind for ideas. Too many things to settle on.

You want to make money online, & me too, but blogging about what?

O.K, O.K.

This is going nowhere. You need ideas quick to pull yourself out of this misty haze and to see the clear horizon.

When you haven’t got the foggiest?

Here’s some.

Beachcombing for to make money blogging about a...

Traffic Cone Collector.

Elevator Geeks.

Yes, they really exist.

But seriously. If I could just take you away from the attempted brainstorm. Take a breather, and bring yourself back into focus.

let me try & make searching more inspiring for you.

See, I understand, you want to write a blog and why not? It’s a creative outlet for letting people know who you really are. And to make some steady money. But the problem you face is the same one as I when I started. Blog about exactly what?

I couldn’t think for the life of me until I settled in haste for a hotel blog.

And to be honest with you, hand on heart, it gave me no joy. Even now, it still feels like a chore.


Well, I work in one and bringing work home is not good. I hope you get the idea.

This is a truthful confession and I hope it serves to prevent you going down that route. After writing the 50th post, I’d had enough. I got no more than $10 dollars from AdSense earnings and not even $5 dollars with Amazon. My account has since been terminated.

Can’t say I’m not proud though, I really am, as it taught me how to build up my very first website and learn SEO.

So the valuable lesson is, if you’re going to spend your time writing and building up your blog, it has to be something worthwhile spending your time on.

One thing you don’t want to happen is run out of interest and turn your back on it after months and years of hard work.

If you have the commitment and drive to start your blog I have to advise that it’s something you love doing. And we all love doing something don’t we?

Me, it’s Classic Rock music and playing guitar. You?……. well that’s your story to tell.

I wish I’d followed my passion 2 years back. Things might be totally different now as I’ve seen people make blogging a real business and turn it into a full-time income.

But I tell you what. I’m glad I’ve been through this experience just so I can share this info. If anyone avoids what I did, I’ve just given valuable hindsight. Take it if you will.

G+ScreenshotLet me share with you, I get moreSmall plus Screenshot‘s

I get more plusses and reshares on my g+ account than I ever do on my hotel blog. It tells me that this is my niche, my audience to share and bond with.

It’s something I enjoy and my enthusiasm reflects this. I am the type of person that would enjoy listening to rock radio stations than classical dining room music.

So it stands to good reason that I should pursue writing about energetic rock music than dining room playlists, as I once did. And no one listened.

G+ Matt Locke Screenshot


Pete Williams G+Screenshot

As you can clearly see above, there is more engagement & sharing in something that I am passionate about. But the other website receives very little social shares.

It’s just not who I am.

So as a suggestion, think of an idea, a passion or hobby that you’re really into. like the one that fills you with electric and makes you feel totally alive.

Because this is your forte, where you can build a bond with like-minded people & kindred spirits.

If an idea really lights your fire, then go for it, It won’t feel like a job or a boring chore.

Without a doubt and through experience, I would advise strongly to find something you can pursue at length and put your belief in. Because getting a bang out of your website at first needs to last the long haul.

As I found out, what’s the point of trying to connect to an audience that you can’t engage with. And, if you know your audience, it’s going to be far easier to make money blogging about whatever comes from your own experience, enthusiasm and spirit.

Finding your niche should be easy and this will become your piece of the pie on the internet market.

Blogging about your hobbies & Passions can earn you money.

Best Wealthy Affiliate Review.Reality Checked

Let’s focus on Mountain Bikes for interests sake and get things rolling. We’ll get some ideas using the Alphabet soup technique.

This is a way to quickly uncover some search queries people are looking for in an area of interest.

mountain bike screenshot

So now I have an idea, It’s possible I could make a blog post about mountain bike shoes. I could review & recommend the best or the most affordable.

If I were to type into the google search bar ” Mountain Bike + a– you would see that it gives me more ideas to think about.

mountain bike a..Screenshot


Alright, again let’s try this again replacing the a with a b.

mountain bike b..Screenshot

O.k one more time with a c

mountain bike c...Screenshot

Now let’s switch things around Reverse letters at front. You could find ideas within seconds using the alphabet soup technique.

a mountain bike Screenshot

Excellent progress, now I can see people are searching for a good mountain bike for the beginner and it’s another blog post idea.

One more time with the search term Mountain Bikes and  c for good measure.

mountain bike c...Screenshot


Now we have ample ideas, let’s delve deeper and expand on the subject by again adding the a at the end of the search query “mountain bike chain”.

Mountain bike chain adjustment Screenshot

And another golden nugget has been discovered! A blog post idea to teach website visitors how to correctly adjust their chains or fix the alignment.

Now to summarise everything, I have already gathered a ton of ideas from an area of interest, reviewing my searches I could write on the subject of,

  • Why I love mountain Biking and the adrenaline rush it gives me.

I could write about the thrill of going fast downhill,  hopping over stones and branches in the danger of dense muddy forests.Turn your pursuits into profits.

  • What are the best affordable mountain bike shoe’s

Write a review showing the reader what are the best shoes available and why I recommend the product.

  • Where to find the mountain bike armour and why my reader’s should buy it.

Telling people why it’s best to invest in their safety by showing good reasons  for buying & using armour.

  • The best durable brake pads for the money.

Put to the test from research which is the best brake pad on the market and show them where to find it.

  • What is a good Mountain bike for the beginner?

Write for someone new to mountain biking and give them inspiration on how to make the best choice.

  • How to align a chain and make the right adjustments.

A good technical post by way of demonstrating how i could make these adjustments on my own mountain bike.

I could go on and on for what took me mere seconds to get some ideas using the alphabet soup technique with google instant search engine. Using what I have shown will surely have you harvesting months and years of ideas for blog posts. And the most amazing thing is that they are real questions people are asking. You are here to provide the answer on your ever growing website. Attract your audience by answering to problems and offer them a solution by way of an affiliate product or helpful review. This is how you make money from blogging about an interest.

So now I’m going to see if I can claim my domain name from GoDaddy using the ideas to start a mountain bike website.

And to my pleasure it is!

mountain bike for beginners Screenshot

But don’t worry if what you’re looking for has gone as there are thousands more waiting to be discovered. There are other extensions available such as .net .org. So claim one that is relevant to your hobby or interest.

Now can you see the potential here? In just a few minutes, I’ve found a domain name that is available and already several ideas for blog posts to write about. This is a great start. It’s the foundation to make money from blogging about a mountain bike.

So if there’s one piece of advice I would like to share with you. It’s to follow your calling and start a blog with what you can enthuse about. Because there are millions of others that share the same interests. They are looking for good advice and to be steered in the right direction.

Also, don’t overwhelm yourself setting up several websites, Focus on one that you really enjoy and find your audience to share your specialised knowledge. When people see you love what you are doing, they will follow.

If you like it, live it and love it.


Put the Alphabet Soup Technique into practice and come up with a swarm of ideas to keep you blogging for months and years to come. Once your website connects with the right audience and your readers see that you are passionate about the same things as them, you can sell in your blogging by giving away good advice. Recommend products or point them to a solution which may lead to a purchase and you earn a commission.


Find your Domain name.

Build your Website.

And get Writing content that fills your heart with radiant joy & share with those that love the same thing.

So now when you ask…

How to make money blogging about a ______?

I hope you have many ideas to fill in the blank.



Article Buddy Whitelabel Resellers License

Article Buddy Resellers licenseAre you ready for the newly released Article Buddy Whitelabel Resellers license that could soon have your own brand name, then keep 100% of the profits?

Here’s Your Chance To Take Article Buddy To The Next Level And Become A GURU Marketer in 60 seconds…

Well, that’s what the sales page says as you enter from the link in your inbox, if you’re a subscriber to masseurs Radu Hahaianu or Todd Gross

The sales pitch video is presented by former weather man- now turned green screen video jock for hire, Todd Gross.

He appears on the greenscreen video as he’s paid to do, speaking like he’s letting you in on a fantastic bonus that you can walk away with today.

It’s a six-figure selling product that can now be yours, but only briefly, so you might want to snap it up.

He tells us that we can now own Article Buddy from buying the license and then we can rebrand the package as our own brand to sell.

The Article Buddy reseller license package grants you access to rebrand the article package as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

So, after another smooth and articulate sales pitch. Gross will have people clamoring to buy the product if the sales pitch has done the job.

 Good ole’ Todd, He can spin a yarn.

When you hit the landing page you are told about how much value you are getting from a product that totals $4940?

Article Buddy Price Screenshot

Here’s what Todd Gross says.

Wait, just one more thing that is going to be well worth your time to take a look at.

For the first and probably only time, you can get a white label version of article buddy.

This allows you to take the extremely popular article buddy Pro software, rebranded and sell it for 100 percent profits to keep.

Now, let me be clear, this isn’t some gimmick software or a PDF product that will be rebranded to sell as your own, this is article buddy, this is the software that’s so good it basically sells itself.

It’s done well over six figures total for us, and we want to share the success through this very rare white label option.

All you have to do is get the white label version, create a new name, add your logo and you virtually have a proven product to sell to keep 100 percent profits for yourself.

Article Buddy Pro Review
See my Article Buddy Review

Now we’re asking very little to get white label today,that’s extremely important to understand because you could easily charge 47 dollars per copy yourself that’s only 2 sales are so to recoup your investment big-time.

Furthermore, if this offer even stays open beyond this opportunity, I can promise it’s going to cost way more than the one time that you’re going to be getting it for today.

So don’t wait if you ever wanted top-notch software to repackage and sell as your own.

Don’t pass this up this is your opportunity to get the license to sell a best-selling software as your own. Get article buddy today, the white label version, and you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t think Todd would mind me showing the capabilities of the software he is promoting. So I extracted the text from his recent youtube video as he demonstrated in another Article Buddy demo video.

Here is the latest video of Gross that is currently hitting the email subscribers inbox.

Please let me know in the comment box if you like Article Buddy Pro, or if you’re thinking of purchasing the Whitelabel resellers license.

Regards, Pete.


How to Make Money Online about Cats,Dogs, & Croaking Frogs.

How to make money online about cats? Well, you could look for inspiration in the recent success stories and viral phenomenon that’s swept the internet. The owners of some cash clawing creatures have made themselves a comfortable living from the antics or hilarious overdubs, propelling a video into viral status on the web. Millions of us have watched the Viral videos in amazement at how many shares they’ve amassed. But aren’t we all privately envious we’re not the ones reaping the attention, fame & money?

Then that inspirational moment wells up inside of you. How can I make money online about cats? Can I make a video of a talking dog? and then, Retire like, forever…

Bailet Boat Cat ScreenshotViral Videos aside, It’s not just Funny Cat videos that become an internet sensation, Look at the success story of Louise Kennedy, who turned a blog about her furiend into a book. Bailey boat cat- adventures of a feline afloat.

Bailey Boat Cat was quickly picked up by a major publisher and turned into a book which is now selling world wide.

Says Louise “I’d just finished my degree with the Open University and suddenly had the time to do what I truly love which is to write.”

Louise started her blog chronicling the seafaring times of her cat Bailey. The blog as featured from Bailey’s nautical adventures got noticed and she was approached by publisher Bloomsbury for a book deal.

So far, Bailey and the book have gained massive popularity & have been featured in loads of magazines and online articles.

Read Louise’s success story here at the-Writers Bureau

Or visit her blog about Bailey’s seabound adventures-BailetBoatCat

Grumpy cat owner banks $64 million!

Grumpy Cat Screenshot

But think how sensational animals can be. They sweep social media like a dose of Epsom Salts.

Posting funny cat videos may seem over saturated nowadays, but take a look at grumpy cat owner who made over $60 million from her seemingly cross kittie, with so far over 18,552,199  views on youtube to date.

In the span of 2 years, the cat had made $64 million from a range of products, including a film and several bestselling books.

The sullen grouchy cat by the name of Tardar Sauce has astoundingly created a vast fortune for it’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona.

‘I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since.”

The cat has since graced the front pages of The Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine.

Candid Canine or Clever Cash Cow?
Ultimate Dog Tease Screenshot

Amusing animal videos are a 10 a penny on the Internet. But even so that didn’t stop a video going stratospheric about a bemused talking dog. Clarke the Alsatian looks lovingly woeful to his master as he reels of an array of tasty treats that he sadly won’t get to gobble up.

Uploaded in May 2011, the short video is just a simple 2 minute-long tease with an over dubbed voice to make it seem like the German shepherd is in anticipation of receiving a snack from the meat fridge.

It was voiced over Andrew Grantham and it became one of the biggest YouTube hits of that year.

Grantham has home-based video editing and audio software, which he uses to produce other similar voice-over clips for his YouTube channel Talking Animals,

He has since followed up by producing a range of merchandise featuring Clarke and is donating the profits to the SPCA

Ultimate Dog Tease has had over 171,728,820 views to date!

So if you fancy picking up a side job that earns over $100,000 annually from ad revenue on Youtube, it would be wise to take a look at their channels. Maybe it will help you understand what the public enjoys watching and how to become a Youtube sensation.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Dogs tear of bumper Screenshot
Click image to See Full Video

So if it’s not blogging about your moggy or making a simple video with an amusing Alsatian, you could turn to teaching them a few tricks.

It’s not only viral videos and cute nautical seafaring kitties that can earn a you living.

Researching the dog training niche, it seems it is a profitable online market to conquer. There are over 140,000 searches for dog training per month. People are searching for Dog training tips to teach their crazy canine’s some good behavior. Like aggressive canines that need to stop frightening the mailman or chewing off a police patrol car’s fender!

The video image opposite shows a dog ripping away the fender from a Crown Vic Patrol Car after a judge released him from a shelter on “good behavior” and returned him back to his owners.

You might want to consider starting your own blog about training our waggly tailed friends, or post some tips on youtube, or even combine them both.

Here are some topics. Dog Walking, Dog Breeding, Dog Training, Dog Grooming. After setting up your own blog and writing content for your website, you could start your own Youtube channel and have it linked back to your articles.

O.k, croaking frogs,.. really?

Croaking frog Dog Toy
Croaking frog Dog Toy

Croaking frogs?!!??  Yep, you may scoff at his one, but there’s a market, for instance, Dog toys, Childrens toys etc. All marketable from Amazon’s affiliate program to include in your blogs. After teaching your readers about dog handling or sharing useful tips, you could recommend a product from Amazon to reward your dogs good behavior. There are millions of website owners who implement Amazon or other affiliate products onto their web pages.

Think of a children’s toy niche that could make a nice little commission from Amazon. You could build a niche site that reviews children’s toys after buying them for your own toddlers. And, It’s not just the world’s biggest marketplace you can earn from. There are many others in the children’s toy niche that offer a higher percentage of commissions. Most websites and blogs use some form of affiliate marketing and for many have become a full-time business.

So it seems that anything with animals may be a profitable venture, Even T.V advertisers have concluded they turn to animals when they look for ideas,  It sells  to” throw a cat in” to the advertisement.

If you fancy creating a blog about your Kitty then go for it. Think of these big hitters like Tardar Saurce, Clarke & Bailey for inspiration. All it may take is a clever video or to put the cat in the story and you too could be making a tidy sum. You may not “make a decent living” but it seems animals are one sure way to bank a few coins through Web advertisements & popular videos.







How to learn about internet marketing.

Learning how to be an internet marketer needn’t be hard. You may imagine it’s for people who know exactly what they are doing, or for those that supposedly make millions from a laptop residing in Starbucks for just 2 hours a day.

How to Learn how to be an Internet Marketer

It can be a fuzzy picture, but an internet marketer is just someone who sells online. Mostly they don’t even have their own products to sell. They just know how to tactfully place a product in front of their core audience.

Whatever you think, there is every possibility you can learn & more surprisingly, you’ve got what it takes to be just like the rest of ’em. Anyone can learn how to be an internet marketer guided with the right training.

So for now, Quit thinking It’s only for clever, tactful people that sit smugly on a coffee shop couch who know something you don’t.

Because thinking about how you can be an internet marketer maybe closer to home than you realise.

Here’s why.

You can become an internet marketer by…

Choosing an interest

Turn your pursuits into profits.

Each and every one of us has something we have an interest in. Be it rooted in childhood or something you’ve grown into recently. It’s our forte, and what makes us enthuse to tell others why we like it so much. Choosing an interest, hobby or passion should be easy. We all have specialized knowledge in us that gives us joy.

If your passion lies in say, music, or you soak up the thrills of crime fictional books, you love to embrace the challenge of never gone cycling trips. Play Golf. Enjoy the tranquility of fly-fishing on a shady river bank. All these topics and pursuits have readers with common interests that you can appeal to.

This will be the core of your internet marketing business. Something that lights your fire and has you frothing at the mouth to tell someone similar. These like-minded people will visit your pages keen to listen. And often. Your Kindred spirits.

let’s say again, for example, you love science fiction films.

There are millions of others that share this same interest and are seeking information. People are looking to find reviews, learn about the cast and crew or to get more info on the author. Chances are, there is a product out there that appeals to your fellow sci-fi fans. Be it Books, Films, Posters, or rare Collectables. You could easily promote thousands of products to your readers.

Building a website

Building a website today has become a cinch. No longer do we have to pay someone hundreds of dollars or learn how to code a website. And to start up a website may cost less money than you think. To run a business on a website has no overheads like a brick and mortar shop. There’s no commuting costs, utility bills, rent, or other staff to pay. Once you have found hosting, registered your domain name and chose a website theme, the costs are comparatively low.

Best thing, everything can be done from the comfy confines of your house, be it the sofa, office, or bedroom, wherever you can work away from distraction. There are many website builders out there, but I recommend Site Rubix. It’s here for the starters & budding webmasters who want a helping hand. You really can have one readily available Website inside of 30 seconds!

Attracting visitors

Having readers land on your page is your main premise to gaining an audience and potential buyers. If you appeal to your readers who share the same interests, you can sell to them. They are always looking for thoughts and opinions about something or a product. And you are here to offer advice which may lead to a sale. By offering quality advice that people like and trust your readership is going to increase as your site grows.

how to Learn about Internet Marketing

We attract visitors to the site by having our website pages visible on the search engines. Without any human traffic to our sites, it would be like lecturing to an empty auditorium. There are many ways we can learn how to be seen. One is in the form of SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) It makes our website content become more searchable.  And it’s all teachable for the aspiring internet marketer.

Earning revenue

Once you have a flow of visitors coming to your website you can promote products to your readers by joining free affiliate programmes. This will be how you monetize your site which will help you connect more to your growing audience.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of affiliate programmes that are related to your niche market. Some, for quick example are Clickbank-Amazon-Ebay-Share a Sale. You can sign up for free and if approved become partners earning you commissions.

You may want to help others find a solution to health problem that you were a long sufferer of, and have an experience with coping. By helping & telling your reader how you found a worthy answer to their problems, they will in turn seek your advice and buy on trust.

The concept is simple and it needn’t be any other way. People who are engaged in your website will turn into customers if they like what you have to say. Providing your readers with aspiring content and a gentle nudge in the direction can lead to sales and a profitable income.

You don’t have to give anyone the hard sell, Make phone calls or build complicated Websites. You too have the ability to learn how to be an online marketer whilst drinking coffee. Home office or Starbucks. Your choice.

Aspiring ideas into motion

O.K, but you lack the confidence or don’t know where to start? Who can you put your faith into to help you nurture your ideas and show you how to learn about online marketing?

There are many internet marketing scams out there as we trawl through the search engines looking to make extra money online. Some are credible but overall expensive. Often times people get led through the door to be sold an upsell to go to the next level. Very often this is out of reach for many people. They fall by the wayside feeling conned and frustrated.

How can you become an internet marketer without being scammed?

Q.Where can you go that’s inexpensive and trustworthy and give the training you need right now?

A. By joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Turn your Passion into a profitable business
Turn your Passion into a profitable business!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university for internet marketers, especially suited for new start-ups that are looking to learn about internet marketing. It’s here for you to turn your hobbies, passions and interest into an online income. It has a free membership that opens it’s doors to everyone seeking ways to build up a profitable online business from the steps above.

Inside are a community of like-minded people who are online 24/7 to help and guide you to success. Helping you create your business with a questions forum & live chat area, you’re always in touch with somebody who can help. Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 free websites & 10 free lessons for you to get your ideas rolling.

How to learn about Internet Marketing

How’s that for a good deal?

Sounds good, yes?


If you would love to take your ideas and turn them into a profitable online business, visit my Getting Started page or see the Top Recommendation for more info.

Wishing you the very best of success!




How to Build a Website without knowing Code

How to build a website without knowing code like a nerdy bespectacled computer geek.How to build a website without knowing code

You would love to start your own website.

But you feel that it’s not so easy.

In your mind, you have a picture of a talented computer programmer who knows exactly what he’s doing.

But you don’t.

Or maybe you conjure up an image of someone who would ask for a 1000 dollars just to get one up and running for you?

Well, that’s what I thought, until I realised, it needn’t be this way.


There is a place that can give you a free website and all the training you need to get your creative ideas flowing without having to know computer code.

Impossible you say?

But interested?……..


Making a new website may invoke images of complicated coding that’s done by brainy technicians, but you don’t need to be a computer geek anymore to understand how to build your very own website.

Nowadays you can use what is known as a CMS such as WordPress to launch your own blog.

That’s a Content Management System.

Don’t fret, it needn’t be nail biting.

This just simply means that it is a place to put all your text and images before you share to the world your website content.

And, if you love to use Facebook or hangout on Google Plus. then you’re already posting text, images & links, so you can learn to do this just the same here.

And that’s all a website needs to be for you. Information you want to share to people without having to become some programming zen.

You too can join millions of others without being a computer whizz or programming geek. It’s here for us and not just for the intelligent nerds.

You see, They’ve already done the work so you don’t have to.

Where to start building your website without knowing code like a nerdy computer tech?

Getting your own website and then having to learn how to create and manage one can make feel like you are about to be lost in the dark.

You would like to be taken by the hand and shown step by step how to build a website without having to know complicated computer code?

A good place to start with a free, yes, free website is over at SiteRubix where they offer free training and support while you create your new website.

It’s here for beginners, newbies, & tailor-made for the un-zenned of website coding.

You want to build your website like pieces of Lego, piece by piece and watch it take shape. To build up your ideas and not have to understand the mechanics.

We just want to crank up the ignition and set off without having to worry about what’s going on under the hood.

You can start up your engines within an instant and straight away there is welcoming support & free training waiting for you on your journey down the internet highway.

The SiteRubix free website builder allows you to get familiar with launching your own site and how to write content and add in images. This is an excellent way to learn the basics for the beginner & budding webmaster.

It will teach you how to properly set it up so you will be visible in the search engines

So imagine, within minutes from now you can have you own website.

The great thing about SiteRubix is that if you feel this is not for you, then you can shrug it off and move on.

See what SiteRubix users are saying here on my thread here.

But because you’le have access to free training I’m sure you’ll at least stick around and give it a try.

So why not learn the basics and take advantage of the free lessons on how to build up your website.

Here’s what SiteRubix can simplify for you.

No need to pay someone 1000’s Dollars for a website or design it.

Nowadays websites are easy to obtain and you don’t need to consult a web designer to create your own. Technology has allowed us to design and build our own without having to pod out a fist full of cash when we can do it ourselves.

No need to pay for hosting.

SiteRubix website builder is stored on state of the art website hosting and doesn’t cost a penny to have your site stored on their servers. while ever you have an account or do not delete it, the site is yours to keep for good.

No need to understand coding or be a geek.

You don’t need a degree in computer programming or clothe yourself with an anorak and wear geeky spectacles to start building up a website.The programming has been done for you to easily upload and share content.

No need to register a domain name.

When you choose a name for your website it carries the com address. Once you are pleased with the look of your ever growing web space you have the option to transfer it to your own Easily done inside the SiteRubix website builder.

No need to pay for training to get you started.

SiteRubix is not only here to launch your new website but to get you building and creating your ideas. There are free lessons right away for you to take advantage of to give you the best start.

It’s free.

By typing into the SiteRubix Box below you can see if your chosen name is available. Once that’s done you’le be choosing a theme and you’re off to a flying start.

That’s it. What more could you want just for being curious and taking a look to see what the Free SiteRubix website builder can do for you? Imagine what your own website can look like very soon.

Because you can build a website without knowing code.

All the very best to you.


What is a free website builder?

Q. What is a free website builder? A. SiteRubix. It’s what a free website builder is. Easy,Instant & Free! Read how to start your website today.


You would love to own a website, and you’ve always wondered how you can.What is a Free Website Builder

If only you knew how. Where to start & what it takes to get going?

Worse, you worry about the cost, the coding. and your idea of your very own website fades away into a haze of doubt.

But, you deserve to know better. So it’s time to discover a new way to build a free website right now.

So stop giving yourself a headache and learn in an instant how you can get one,  just like BBC America, Sony, Ford, The Rolling Stones, & Snoop dog and many more.

Because millions want their own website, but not all know how to get one. You want to know how to get one, don’t you?


By creating your idea on the free website builder.

Yes, It’s simple. It’s free & you can start today.

O.k, You may have wondered.

How do people own a website. How are they controlled and who is behind them?

It’s a common question for those who don’t know. To uncover the mystery & take a peep behind the veil.

But Did you know that you can create a website exactly the same as these mysterious webmasters.

And you too can run a website with the same technology as Beyonce, Larry King & The New York Times.

It’s Because they use the same WordPress sites that you could be using. And best of all the’re free.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost anything to set one up at SiteRubix. In fact, for just entering a name you can have your own domain & self hosted website in less than a minute.

And you’ll be pleased to hear you don’t need to be a technical whizz. Nor do you need to pay anyone to do any difficult coding or programming.

Just pick a WordPress theme & let SiteRubix do the rest.

So right now, the only thing hard or costly is your time to think things over. That’s it.

Sounds good,yes?

What is a Free Website Builder.


How To start getting creative with the Free SiteRubix Website Builder

But first thing folks, before you find out what a free website builder is, you will of course need a name or an idea to create one.

So, to make things easier, consider this.

Do you have a hobby or interest that you just want to get out your system & tell everyone who you really are?

Just make everyone know you’re not only the waitress down at the diner, but a knowledgeable soul who wants to tell the whole world something useful. When you’re screaming to get it out and let that spark of creativity reach kindred spirits. To speak to an audience that will listen to you.

Everyone of us has a passion inside of us, be it Music, the Great Outdoors, Basket Weaving, whatever floats yer boat. An interest or hobby you’d love to share and tell others.

And from this idea comes that flash of brilliant inspiration, where you can enthuse about what you love. This is your inspiring moment that gushes forth like a geezer.

It’s our true calling. it’s what makes us tick. That exciting moment when it feels like our heart’s beat for nothing else.

This could be THE starting point. The genesis of your website. A foundation. The ignition to set the wheels spinning.

Creating your own website is your outlet to do what inspires you. It’s what set’s you free from our mundane work-a-day lives.

The feeling of owning a website is incredible. It’s your own concept that takes form and grows with you. It’s your identity.

You can tell all your friends and family. Share the link to your social media accounts and let everyone know. Hey I’m live, check out my website. My own domain name. Yay!

Writing & sharing about your passion is something you can do besides your job. Also, you could actually earn good money with your new website if you get the right training.

That’s why SiteRubix can take you into the best training available online into a community of over 250,000 like minded individuals.

And they’re here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help & support while you tinker, learn and play with your new Siterubix website.

SiteRubix is here to take away the doubts of thinking a website is only for those who know what they’re doing. You too can have one and learn how to build it up from ground to dizzying skyscraper.

Imagine now in the summer months of 2015, how it will look come this Christmas & beyond into the new year.

Why, stunning of course.

What is a free Website Builder


What is a free website builder? Answer: SiteRubix



SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. An online University that teaches you how to create & write compelling content for your new website.

You don’t need to buy a domain name or register one, & you don’t need to find hosting which will cost you elsewhere. It’s all here for you in one nice package.


SiteRubix is a free website builder. It’s your gateway to free WordPress websites.  Everything is here for the beginner to take their very first baby steps and learn how to create one.


Your Website will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s servers. Which is safe and secure with 24/7 website monitoring & offers support for your site.


Right now. Within an instant, you can be choosing your own WordPress website. It only takes less than a minute to create your own on the free SiteRubix website builder


Once you have chosen a name for your website, simply enter it into the SiteRubix box below and see if it is available. If it is, Congratulations! You are about to give birth to your first website.

After this, Simply fill in the account form and the website is yours (Unless you delete your account) to keep forever.


If you love the idea of your own website, this could be the start of something life-changing.

Create your free website now and take a look at the Free training Provided after you’ve set up your account at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

It’s an incredible place to be.

Read what members think of Siterubix here.

Warmest wishes, and the very best of success.


What is an Internet Marketing Niche?

This article will tell you what an Internet marketing niche is. How you can easily get into one, and what you will need to get started.

             Your piece of the piewhat is an internet marketing niche

An internet marketing niche is a segment in the market that a website owner would like to capture with fewer competition,or to put in other ways,a group of people or a target audience. By delving deep into search engine queries we can found out what people are specifically looking for,and help them. Simple!

There are millions of people searching online to seek answers to their questions,be it health, fitness or how to make money online to name just a few. It’s here an online marketer will answer such queries and point them in the right direction.

By giving helpful informative advice to a certain group of people searching for answers can lead to many sales for internet marketers in any niche.

              Can you be an internet marketer?

Sure you can, if you tie your own shoelaces then you have every chance of starting your own online marketing business. It starts with an Internet connection, your Computer, laptop or Mobile device and then choosing your own niche to work on.

This could be a hobby or a passion or even something you have special knowledge in that you can teach to others. The trick here is to narrow your niche down so that you can capture your own segment of these search queries and answer them in a helpful informative manner.

              So, what will I need?

To get things in motion you are going to need Hosting & your own Website,a few handy tools at your disposal combined with the best training and support to go with them.

These are critical to your success after choosing your niche as an online marketer.

If you are not at all familiar with the idea or feel this is too technical, don’t despair or worry at this moment,anyone can learn how to start their own Web based Business.

               O.k then,how?

The cost alone to get these all together may have left you feeling glazed over at this point, but I want to assure you that you can start to learn all about what an internet marketing niche is and how to become successful in yours.

You can put this into practice now.

I am going to show you how to get all of this conveniently in one place and In just a few minutes from now you can have your very own website and get the training you need to get rolling.

               Where do I find all this?

You can find out more about this at the Wealthy Affiliate University. It is the most trusted and respected online communities to date. Founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005 it has gained tremendous momentum and popularity among it’s members.

                So whats it gonna cost?

Well, you would be very pleased to hear it costs nothing to sign up for the free starter membership and you and get immediate access to 2 free websites including hosting,& free lessons to get your internet marketing niche up and running.

                Wrapping it up

What is an Internet Marketing Niche
Find out here and get a slice of the market

If you are serious about cornering an internet marketing niche and setting up your very own business then why not try this neat info packed package for free?

Just by signing in to Wealthy Affiliate you can take a peek inside to see if you like it or not.

The free Websites,Tools & Training alone has to be worth taking advantage of.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Got any questions? please leave your comments below.

Wishing you the very best of success.

Pete Williams.


Article Buddy Pro Warning!

Have you been tempted by the latest release of article buddy? The software that claims to rewrite any piece of content,make it 100% unique with the click of a mouse and get you propelled to the top of the search engine results pages.Article Buddy product warning

Here are the products selling points:

  • Generate up to 10 unique articles for 1 keyword with the push of a button.
  • Turn any Youtube video into a 100% unique piece of content.
  • Populate any WordPress blog with hundreds of videos and unique articles in seconds.
  • Rewrite any piece of content that will be human readable, “make sense” content
  • Create content that Google will love and will pass the Copyscape test.

Ripping content from Ezine.

Ezine articles is a huge article directory where people can submit high-quality original articles and earn themselves quality backlinks from an authoritive domain. it can help bloggers and website owners drive traffic to their sites. Articles in Ezine typically tend to rank fairly well in the search. What Article Buddy is doing is ripping away content someone has strived to perfect and rehashes this to populate someone else’s blog. It is simply not fair to rip away an author’s content and duplicate it without permission or credit.

skyrocket rankinga article buddy

Passing the copyscape test: 

But what you should consider is that the Article buddy software does no such thing. If you take a look in the demo video it doesn’t even spin the content, What you’re left with is the exact text as the pulled article. Even when the demo shows that it has passed the Copyscape test it remains the same, and this is the whole idea affiliates and sellers say,to make it human readable. Now at this point I’m not sure if I can trust Copyscape to handle my content if software like this can bypass the security of anything I’ve written. It openly produces the same text but disguises itself as original, how?

How is Article buddy doing this?

It all happens behind the scenes when the coding has been altered so that the search engine spiders read the article differently. By using HTML encoding between the words it deceives google as seeing this as something different, leaving only the keywords in the article thus translating it as an original piece. Basically this is “spinning” hidden characters between the letters.

Article buddy screenshot

I have some serious questions about how we are told on the Demo video as prospective buyers that this is “Unique” content. We can use our intelligence to see that it is not. it’s duplicate, it looks the same,it reads the same,it is the same. On the sales page it states that it “creates” unique content at the click of a button. Talk about smoke and mirrors. It is quite apparent it looks the same in appearance to the human eye but by being covertly disguised for Google and the search engines it is 100% unique.That is true, but why?

What is the point of Article Buddy?

Surely we are writing to engage with people and not writing for the search engines. I think this software misses the point entirely with regards to connecting with our audiences. It’s quite clear this product is marketed to the lazy bones who are clamoring for such products to cheat their way into rankings and easy profit. This software is in fact, the surest way to get your sites banned from the search engines as Google rolls out their algorithms to clear out the ever increasing amount of low quality spun & rehashed content. What Google loves and is always looking for is the best fresh relevant content available and it knows when your site is expanding  too rapidly. Duplicate content is not the wants fresh content

lazy article buddy

Even the Software Vendor and self-styled expert developer Radu Hahaianu does not recommend you use this for your money sites as I suspect this may get you into trouble and could probably ruin you. It is suggested you use this carefully for less important blogs to gain backlinks. However, Google is putting emphasis on quality backlinks and will eventually sort the wheat from the chaff.

lets take a Reality check on Article buddy Pro

False claim that you can have 100% unique content.                   Reality check 1 green tick

This software will not gain you credible backlinks.                        Reality check 2 green tick

It will not skyrocket your posts to the top of the rankings.            Reality check 3 green tick

Duplicating someone’s content without permission is unfair.        Reality check 4 green tick

You will end up penalized or worse, banned from the Serps.        Reality check 5 green tick


Here is a “get in quick” incentive and some bonuses i was offered in an email i received.

If you act quickly you can get Article Buddy Pro, Seamless SEO Bonus Plugin and the other 5 bonuses for the cost of a BURGER.

Well now,that’s all very well and good for the price,thanks but no thanks!

Just like a cheap Burger this software is full of junk. absolutely no good for the consumer & will fill the pockets of the vendor very nicely indeed.

Do you have an opinion about Article Buddy Pro? Chime in with your Comments Below.

Many Thanks.