Article Buddy Whitelabel Resellers License

Article Buddy Resellers licenseAre you ready for the newly released Article Buddy Whitelabel Resellers license that could soon have your own brand name, then keep 100% of the profits?

Here’s Your Chance To Take Article Buddy To The Next Level And Become A GURU Marketer in 60 seconds…

Well, that’s what the sales page says as you enter from the link in your inbox, if you’re a subscriber to masseurs Radu Hahaianu or Todd Gross

The sales pitch video is presented by former weather man- now turned green screen video jock for hire, Todd Gross.

He appears on the greenscreen video as he’s paid to do, speaking like he’s letting you in on a fantastic bonus that you can walk away with today.

It’s a six-figure selling product that can now be yours, but only briefly, so you might want to snap it up.

He tells us that we can now own Article Buddy from buying the license and then we can rebrand the package as our own brand to sell.

The Article Buddy reseller license package grants you access to rebrand the article package as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

So, after another smooth and articulate sales pitch. Gross will have people clamoring to buy the product if the sales pitch has done the job.

 Good ole’ Todd, He can spin a yarn.

When you hit the landing page you are told about how much value you are getting from a product that totals $4940?

Article Buddy Price Screenshot

Here’s what Todd Gross says.

Wait, just one more thing that is going to be well worth your time to take a look at.

For the first and probably only time, you can get a white label version of article buddy.

This allows you to take the extremely popular article buddy Pro software, rebranded and sell it for 100 percent profits to keep.

Now, let me be clear, this isn’t some gimmick software or a PDF product that will be rebranded to sell as your own, this is article buddy, this is the software that’s so good it basically sells itself.

It’s done well over six figures total for us, and we want to share the success through this very rare white label option.

All you have to do is get the white label version, create a new name, add your logo and you virtually have a proven product to sell to keep 100 percent profits for yourself.

Article Buddy Pro Review
See my Article Buddy Review

Now we’re asking very little to get white label today,that’s extremely important to understand because you could easily charge 47 dollars per copy yourself that’s only 2 sales are so to recoup your investment big-time.

Furthermore, if this offer even stays open beyond this opportunity, I can promise it’s going to cost way more than the one time that you’re going to be getting it for today.

So don’t wait if you ever wanted top-notch software to repackage and sell as your own.

Don’t pass this up this is your opportunity to get the license to sell a best-selling software as your own. Get article buddy today, the white label version, and you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t think Todd would mind me showing the capabilities of the software he is promoting. So I extracted the text from his recent youtube video as he demonstrated in another Article Buddy demo video.

Here is the latest video of Gross that is currently hitting the email subscribers inbox.

Please let me know in the comment box if you like Article Buddy Pro, or if you’re thinking of purchasing the Whitelabel resellers license.

Regards, Pete.


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