Article Buddy Pro Warning!

Have you been tempted by the latest release of article buddy? The software that claims to rewrite any piece of content,make it 100% unique with the click of a mouse and get you propelled to the top of the search engine results pages.Article Buddy product warning

Here are the products selling points:

  • Generate up to 10 unique articles for 1 keyword with the push of a button.
  • Turn any Youtube video into a 100% unique piece of content.
  • Populate any WordPress blog with hundreds of videos and unique articles in seconds.
  • Rewrite any piece of content that will be human readable, “make sense” content
  • Create content that Google will love and will pass the Copyscape test.

Ripping content from Ezine.

Ezine articles is a huge article directory where people can submit high-quality original articles and earn themselves quality backlinks from an authoritive domain. it can help bloggers and website owners drive traffic to their sites. Articles in Ezine typically tend to rank fairly well in the search. What Article Buddy is doing is ripping away content someone has strived to perfect and rehashes this to populate someone else’s blog. It is simply not fair to rip away an author’s content and duplicate it without permission or credit.

skyrocket rankinga article buddy

Passing the copyscape test: 

But what you should consider is that the Article buddy software does no such thing. If you take a look in the demo video it doesn’t even spin the content, What you’re left with is the exact text as the pulled article. Even when the demo shows that it has passed the Copyscape test it remains the same, and this is the whole idea affiliates and sellers say,to make it human readable. Now at this point I’m not sure if I can trust Copyscape to handle my content if software like this can bypass the security of anything I’ve written. It openly produces the same text but disguises itself as original, how?

How is Article buddy doing this?

It all happens behind the scenes when the coding has been altered so that the search engine spiders read the article differently. By using HTML encoding between the words it deceives google as seeing this as something different, leaving only the keywords in the article thus translating it as an original piece. Basically this is “spinning” hidden characters between the letters.

Article buddy screenshot

I have some serious questions about how we are told on the Demo video as prospective buyers that this is “Unique” content. We can use our intelligence to see that it is not. it’s duplicate, it looks the same,it reads the same,it is the same. On the sales page it states that it “creates” unique content at the click of a button. Talk about smoke and mirrors. It is quite apparent it looks the same in appearance to the human eye but by being covertly disguised for Google and the search engines it is 100% unique.That is true, but why?

What is the point of Article Buddy?

Surely we are writing to engage with people and not writing for the search engines. I think this software misses the point entirely with regards to connecting with our audiences. It’s quite clear this product is marketed to the lazy bones who are clamoring for such products to cheat their way into rankings and easy profit. This software is in fact, the surest way to get your sites banned from the search engines as Google rolls out their algorithms to clear out the ever increasing amount of low quality spun & rehashed content. What Google loves and is always looking for is the best fresh relevant content available and it knows when your site is expanding  too rapidly. Duplicate content is not the wants fresh content

lazy article buddy

Even the Software Vendor and self-styled expert developer Radu Hahaianu does not recommend you use this for your money sites as I suspect this may get you into trouble and could probably ruin you. It is suggested you use this carefully for less important blogs to gain backlinks. However, Google is putting emphasis on quality backlinks and will eventually sort the wheat from the chaff.

lets take a Reality check on Article buddy Pro

False claim that you can have 100% unique content.                   Reality check 1 green tick

This software will not gain you credible backlinks.                        Reality check 2 green tick

It will not skyrocket your posts to the top of the rankings.            Reality check 3 green tick

Duplicating someone’s content without permission is unfair.        Reality check 4 green tick

You will end up penalized or worse, banned from the Serps.        Reality check 5 green tick


Here is a “get in quick” incentive and some bonuses i was offered in an email i received.

If you act quickly you can get Article Buddy Pro, Seamless SEO Bonus Plugin and the other 5 bonuses for the cost of a BURGER.

Well now,that’s all very well and good for the price,thanks but no thanks!

Just like a cheap Burger this software is full of junk. absolutely no good for the consumer & will fill the pockets of the vendor very nicely indeed.

Do you have an opinion about Article Buddy Pro? Chime in with your Comments Below.

Many Thanks.

14 comments on “Article Buddy Pro Warning!

  1. Things like this are very tempting because people tend to get lazy. I have given into something like this before and it did nothing but hurt my blog. Stay away from anything that involves something like this.

    • Thanks john for being proof that something like this does not work.

      The only people that benefit from this bogus software is the Vendor. It’s offered at a cheap price so everyone snaps it up Quickly, but sadly it leads only to the eventual ruin of the buyers and their credibility.

  2. Hello,
    This is awesome information and I am very glad that you posted it. It really blows me away that they can get away with all of these illegal practices. I think that once Google catches on to it, anyone who uses it may be banned or worse – may get in real trouble for plagiarism! If I saw my article ripped off with someone else’s name as author, I’d blow a gasket and be on the phone to my attorney within the first 10 minutes! Thanks for saving me and others from buying and using this rip-off program! Otherwise I might have been tempted to buy and use it!

    • Thanks for the comment Laurie. Glad you found my post useful and stoked it steered you well clear of this rogue software. It certainly is not fair practice to run away with someone else’s written material and hide safe behind the false fact that it is unique content. How many Ezine Article Writers will be affected by this is unimaginable. Duplicate content is nothing but a menace to those who have originated the piece especially when it took the Author time and effort to put together their own unique creation. Its completely depreciating. Having a product that openly sells at doing this is definitely worthy of a blown gasket and a dressing down from an attorney.
      Kind Regards

    • Thanks Corina for the interest and me saving you from anything that is not at all to your own advantage. It’s a pleasure to share with you anything that will make you a little bit wiser & keep a few coins in your pocket.
      Yours Sincerely.Pete

  3. Great review Pete,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. The Internet is flooded with so called all-in-one packages, claiming to resolve all of your issues. We are here to write for, interact with and help people. This software is for lazy people, for sure.
    Thanks for warning and enjoy!

    • Agreed Krasi!
      Ripping off other peoples content is just not the way forward, and to be told and sold this is completely misleading.
      You’re right. We are all here to take the humane approach and speak to each other personally and be of some life changing assistance. Not be the idle swine that copies anyone else’s ideas and seeks to make a fortune from ill practices.

  4. is it ok if you use ezine articles if you include name of writer,I was under the impression that one could?NowI see that if it also strips the text from videos it is plain to see that it is from the video,just gives a person the option to watch or read or both . There would be nothing hidden,it would be obvious the text was from the video.Thus there would be no need to spin the content because it is up front.I am only talking about a regular blog that is not a money site

  5. No Gregg, It would be unwise and not in your interests to use anyone’s content from ezine. There’s no point to using any other written text than your own.

    Someone has authorship to that and it is damaging to use it even if you use their name. See, Google will detect replicated content and this will get you penalized in the Search engines and possibly banned, so what’s the point?

    As for stripping text from the videos, seems lazy to me when people can’t find their own voice to communicate themselves. Sure, take a few ideas and create your own spin on it just like when you have a conversation with someone.

    Hear ideas & share ideas in your own way. This is what having your own blog is about. To speak to like-minded folk on a regular basis with your own personality in your content.

  6. Thought I would get this post and thread going again because Article Buddy is back on the market.

    Nothing has changed except the pricing is higher for the initial purchase (No idea what the upsells will cost).

    Maybe someone will find this new post and not be taken in with this “new” software.

    I remember a software called “uniqifier” that was a plugin that basically did the same thing, and, as a new marketer, I thought it was awesome. That was until Google BANNED two of my money sites… it was so bad, I lost all my backlinks and was de-indexed for both. NEVER did get those 2 sites reindexed.

    People, it’s NOT WORTH IT to game Google (or ANY search engine). There are other ways to make your content 100% unique. It takess time, but, it’s worth it.

    Best of luck everyone. I would suggest NOT spending the 50-75 bucks it will probably cost to get this and any OTO’s they happen to be promoting.

    Just an opinion. It’s YOUR MONEY.

    • Thanks Allen for summing it up so succinctly.

      Yes, there is a new Article Buddy being released as Todd Gross, the guy on the promotional video has sent another one out to my inbox. This time around we are offered to Buy a license for Article Buddy. So now marketers can rebrand the name and sell it on. Talk about flogging a dead horse!

      How is anyone going to succeed without the credibility of writing their own content? Google knows what duplicate content is and will take notice when a website evolves too fast.

      Anyone thinking to purchase Article Buddy has had plenty of fair warning.

  7. Just come across this article today after searching Goole for Article Buddy reviews and glad I did, I almost hit the buy button at $16.95. Thank you for the review and warning looks like this software is re released every few years. Now 18th March 2017. I am just starting out in internet marketing and the sales pitch did look very inviting.
    Thank you. Steve

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