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About Me PageMaybe you are looking for a way to make some money online or are curious about what I do, but for whatever reason, you are here, so let’s get started.

My name is Pete and I live in beautiful rural England, I’ve worked in the building trade, in the music industry and lately in a historic Hotel. Now my home based business is on the internet as an established website owner.

I started my life in the village of Cromford which is the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the first mass producing factory in the world.

This is the place where the cradle of mass production started with an idea. An idea that transformed the world for good and for many, bad.

Father of the Industrial Revolution.

One man, a simple wig maker, Richard Arkwright  took the idea of a spinning frame and built the first water power cotton mill in 1771.

He filled his cotton mills with semi-skilled labourers and children and worked them 13-hour shifts. Hence the factory system was born.

At the time of his death, Arkwright was the wealthiest untitled man in the United Kingdom.

Today the world is in mass production and the whole industry is an amplified vision of his factory system.

  • Sir Richard Arkwright -Creator of the factory system

 And here’s the irony

Most people who land on this page are seeking a way out of a dead-end job working for those at the top who make a mint from our labours.

  • Mass Production took away the home based business from Weavers.
  • The factories capitalized the market.
  • People had to leave home to earn a living.
  • Our lives became regulated to clocks and timekeeping for the boss.

I’d like to think we can reverse the trend and make a home based business something we can take back.

Because in this day and age with everything at our fingertips we can make a home based business again.

And now there’s never been a better opportunity to make a home based business work for us.

If one simple wig maker in from the archaic times of 1771 can succeed then surely we have a good start with an internet connection and a mobile device.

I, like so many of you out there, am looking to pave my own future and to help ourselves seek a better life, one that affords freedom that lets us grow as we intend with our own business.

I wanted to Get out of something old and into something new.

My own Business, My own ideas. I took a reality check

Did I want to be like a hamster on a wheel? A lot of hard work but going nowhere?     Hell no!   =     Reality check green tick

Did I want to work 40 hours a week for fifty years while someone else gets rich?       No way!     =     Reality check green tick

Did I want my own business that starts from just a simple idea , hobby or passion?   Yes way!   =     Reality check green tick

Every one of us has a passion, hobby or something they like to talk about, and each one of us can learn to write about what lights our fires, what sparks interest and imagination.

I like to learn about history, I would love to travel all over the globe, I love to read, write, draw and paint, Music is my first love, I play guitar, I enjoy wines from distant regions. These are just a few things that scratch the surface but there are a ton more of things I could write about and build an online business from.

I found one such website that would give me all the training and tools I need to succeed and you can too at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

So my story goes that I joined up with Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 and learned how set up my own website and build up a business. I firmly believe that I’ve been taught the best way online & kept myself well away from the money sucking Guru’s out there that take advantage of our curiosity.

I look back with greater hindsight knowing that I don’t need to fall prey to these slick marketers with their hyped up messages & tempting sales pages anymore.

This site, Realitycheques was created for the very reason you are here, looking to make a safe and honest way to earn an income on the web.

Its mission is simple

  • To give you the best direction in finding your way to a successful online business.
  • Helping teach others which paths to steer well clear from in the minefields of the internet.
  • Guiding you away from pitfalls, scams and products that don’t work.

I called this site Realitycheques because sometimes we all need a “reality check” to decide our own future. I believe that if we can provide a quality, useful service to others we can earn and learn an honest income stream.

By getting started building on the foundations of an honest trustworthy business, a few welcome cheques in the post can become a reality

Again, my name is Pete, Nice to meet you & if you ever need anything drop me a comment below or you can visit my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.com. (Here is a link to my Profile)



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